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Thread: My Third introduction on tbdl :)

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    Default My Third introduction on tbdl :)

    Hi again all!

    My name is kevintje, I'm 20 Years old and I live in belgium.

    I'm currently an IT student, altho' I'm looking for work at the moment.
    euhm.. if you ever want to know something more, you can find me in the IRC chat

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    Heh, the one thing that really stick out for you in my mind from the last forums is Spliiiiiiiii!!!

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    is het niet geweldig om te kunnen lullen over mensen en dat ze het niet kunnen verstaan maar well kunnen lezen. En dan bij voorbeeld het woord lullen er in voor laten komen zodat ze bij vertalingen alleen nog maar meer in de war raken. :P

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    Good to see ya back around, Trev

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    it is be able talk bullshit not terrible concerning people and that they cannot understand but well can read. And then at example the word talks bullshit in lets come so that them at translations only still but more in the war to touch. :P


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    Lol, avery! That's the reason you should never trust (online) translations.

    lullen == talking for the sake of talking. but it also means dicks.

    Isn't it great to be able to talk about people but them not understanding it whilst still being able to read it. And then use for instance the word "lullen" so that if they use an online translator they'll only get even more confused. :P

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