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    Default Need some advice.

    So as some of you might know, if you've read my introduction that is, I've recently told my parents about my love of wearing diapers.

    I've come to a point where I'm comfortable talking to them openly about it and my mom thinks I should stop. Mosty because I wear when I feel stressed out or down. So it's pretty normal I think for her to tell me not o wear them. I haven't for a couple months now and find myself fighting the urge to go and buy some.

    I'm not sure if I really need them anymore and could possibly just use a hobby to keep me occupied. So for the meantime I'm not going to wear until I figure this out and I guess what I could use from you guys is suggestions/advice about how to deal with the "craving" or what you think I should decide and why.

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    I'd hate to be bad news but I have never heard of someone getting rid of this craving forever. A person will always have it, and as long as you don't harm anyone I don't see why your mom should have a problem with them. It's not like you take drugs to cope with stress, yet that's apparantly more acceptable which makes no sense.

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    My Brother or, in my experience, is not a hobby. Be a good person, and a good son or daughter, and make yourself happy. I've found Perception is a deadly b/[email protected] And that we, for the most part, are wonderful folks. And you're one of us. So am I. I am protective of my sons' sexuality big time. And frankly, they could make decisions I'd disagree with. But more than anything, I desperately want them to be happy. There's a time coming when I know for a fact, my opinions won't matter for crap. And that's when I've won, because, in this day and age, raising a self-aware child who knows what he/she wants is so's almost quaint. Just by being caught you've done more for yourself than you know.

    Do what will bring you peace now. And prepare for what will bring you peace in a few months. I know it'll be coo. Just maybe not tomorrow.

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    How old are you and how much longer are you with your family/parents. For me im 16 an my parents were shocked when they found out. So Im very protective an secretive about it, so I may buy some. Do what you think is reasonable for the time being.

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    Thank you for the advice. I'm 23. And should have kept my introduction the way it was because it explained a lot. My parents found out a few months ago after I had a neurological episode referred to as "Clinically isolated syndrome" which, is sometimes linked to MS. I was wetting the bed and actually needed diapers... After awhile I just figured it would be a good time to tell them about it and considering my past, they were very understanding. What I didn't say in my intro was that I was born 3 months premature an weighed 2.2 pounds at birth. I had surgery to remove part of my bowels and have had trouble with "accidents" most of my life. Being the eldest of 6 though, I refused to wear diapers when asked if that was something I'd be willing to do. I lived with my birth mother for 16 years of my life and went through a lot of mental abuse, suicide attempts, drugs, alcohol, and other bizarre things were perfectly normal in my eyes. I was recently adopted by my step mom and couldn't have asked for a better person to call mom... Anyways... I'm writin this at 5:30 in the morning an work from 1 pm to 1:30 am so please excuse the jumbled mess it is. I awoke to a messy pair of boxers and had to avoid waking anyone up while I cleaned up. I think the biggest problem I have is telling my girlfriend, she happens to be my sisters best friend and my sister believes I should tell her if we plan on staying together. I just don't know how to tell her or if I want to. I know she'll understand but it's still not a regular "problem" like drinking or drugs I guess... I gotta get some sleep though. After reading your comments I feel like maybe instead of suppressing this stress relief mechanism, I should be learning to be true to myself. Really could have used a diaper tonight... Lol

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    Deciphering that last post looks like a task... I've decided to talk to my girlfriend on Saturday about this. If she can accept this then great, if not she doesn't have to see or hear about it. As long as she respects that this is who I am and that I'm not going to change, haha, pun intended! I'm in an exceptional mood now! My dads boss is hosting a car show this weekend which means I get to help out transporting the cars! Love the GTO judge and el camino! BOOYA! Here's to a great weekend!

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    With respect to never hearing of anyone who ever got beyond the urge to wear, remember that if someone did they would not be likely to post about it here. So you need to follow where you think your best interests are. If you can't get rid of the desire to wear, you'll know. If you can, well you'll know that too.

    Best of luck.

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    In my opinion, you're doing really well with the cards you've been dealt. I've had a rough time of it myself, none of which I care to get into..but..I just turned 25 and my life played out in a similar way. I got out of diapers very early in life and went back to them time and time again, and of course as I got older than just a few years I had to hide it.

    I also wear when I am depressed, under-the-weather, sad, listless, etc.. I think wearing is a very healthy coping mechanism for stress; much healthier than drinking and drugs, which is what most people turn to. I have made this point to the very few people in my life that know I'm a DL, and they all seem to agree. My mother found me out through being nosy when I was a teenager. It was embarrassing at first but I began to tell her little bits. She is obviously not freaked-out enough to say anything negative. My girlfriend knows I like to wear, she thinks it's cute, but for the most part I keep my wearing time separate from our time alone (we don't live together). Of course, many families are not nearly as understanding, but it sounds like you could wear in private without any trouble.

    If I were you, I would not try to hide or suppress your urge or cravings to wear. Whenever I've done that in the past (especially in my teens when I didn't want my "cool friends" to find out), the suppressed feelings will lead me to do other stuff that's often very unhealthy and negative. All in all, I think wearing them as you want to and telling a few choice people in your life is the best thing to do. After struggling for years with these mixed emotions and several failed "diaper purges", I have invariably found that I am most happy (and least stressed) when I let myself wear.

    I wish you all the best and hopefully you'll find your way. If you decide to give in, go order up some nice diapers on the net and enjoy yourself. Don't bother with the ones in the pharmacies; most store brands are very disappointing.

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    just do what feels right for you. if your mom doesn't like it she's just gonna have to realize that it is your life/choice not her's

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    Thanks for the great advice everyone. I've decided to stick with why makes me happy and wear diapers. In moderation of course. I told my girlfriend over the weekend here and she doesn't really care. She understands me and says that if it makes me happy, I shouldn't stop. Not sure if she'd be comfortable with me wearing around her but that'll come in time. Again, thank you for the advice and support!

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