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Thread: Looking for a specific diaper

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    Default Looking for a specific diaper

    I saw a post somewhere and I can't find it anywhere, its been driving me mad for days and I apoligies for posting.

    They were an alternative to drynites.

    They were pull up styles and were kinda planeish and If I re call in a image I saw they were kinda purpleish.

    They were built for about 60gb

    I think their name begin with an L and possible made by Tena but not under that brand. Anyone know what im referring too?

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    Libero Night comfort? Purle horizontal lines, made by same company that makes tena, and up to 60 KG?

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    By the way, if that is what you were talking about, I would just stick to drynites. Night comfort is really not worth buying unless they are really discounted or free. They don't absorbe very well, the really don't look that great, and they leak like crazy. They are the exact same product as we call curity sleep pants in the US (or just about every store brand cheap-o goodnites knock-off). They might be worth a try if you want something new; they really are pretty comfortable to wear, and they do work OK for some people, but they really are not that great.

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