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    So I decided to wear a diaper to college a couple days ago. First time I had ever done anything like that! Sure, I wear one around the house when my family's around, but nowhere as public as that! I was a little self conscious but I don't think anyone noticed. So what was it like when you guys went out in a diaper, if you ever have.

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    Like I've done it all my life. September 5th my diaper arrived. September 6th I'm at school in one. This was last year as well.

    Sadly I can't go out in them much due to when I wake up and when my parents get home, though I'd wear them out more if I could. That, and I don't really go to many places anyhow.

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    Just remember: NO ONE IS LOOKING AT YOUR BOTTOM. In other threads people actively LOOKING for diapered adult bottoms couldn't find any. I suspect that's because 1. peoples' midsections are naturally all kinds of shapes, and 2. enough scrutiny of your or someone else's midsection to see the outlines of diapers, etc. would become an embarrassing situation. The only way you'd be noticed is if you were bending over with your shirt un-tucked and the back of the diaper stuck out, or if the 'tail' of the diaper stuck out of your waistband in front. Even then people might not notice.

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    The first time I had to wear out I went to the secretary of state to renew my licence. I was sitting for about an hour when the urge hit me I got up to use the bathroom but it was too late. I played it off like I wanted to stand and it let loose right there. Thank god for my diaper. Out of the 100+ people there not one could notice. Now if i didn't have protection that would be another story.

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    I go out everyday in a diaper. Today I have a Dr's app but am wearing a incontinence pad. I don't look at other people's bottom's to see if there wearing or not.

    I don't wear real tight pants and always wear my shirt out. I do wear a tee shirt that is tucked in.

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    I've begun to wear almost 24/7, and something I've found helps a lot if you plan to wear in public frequently is a onesie. Keeps any "diaper tail" from sticking up out of your pants, and helps support the diaper, keeping it quieter and more comfortable.

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    I've worn diapers a few time in public. One was to class in the AM a few times. To keep the diaper quiet as it was the Depends Protection w/ Tabs, I wore my boxers over it. Then, I wore the Tena Slip Maxi out a few weeks to lunch and running around. I even ran into my best friend at lunch. I just kept sitting down. Wearing diapers in public isn't bad and if a person did notice, they would definitely or at least consider you're incontinent and can't help it.

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    I have been have been noticed while diapered when out as I am Incon I have no other choice but the lady was cool about it I also wear to school and at the hospital

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    Most the time I like to wear in private so I can wear just the diaper and can fully relax in it (without worry of being noticed and knowing a leak wouldn't lead to the end of the world), but I have worn out in public a few times (twice I wore to school when I was in high school) and it really isn't that bad. As long as you wear appropriate clothing (nothing see through, super tight, and that it covers enough of you) then you should be good. Most people aren't paying attention to your diaper area so if anyone notices, it's most likely because it's blatantly in front of their face.

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