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    Sorry in advance for long post

    Well I was in psychology class yesterday and we came across Freud's psycho sexual stages of development and it seems to do a good job at describing some of the ABish tendencies some of us have.

    For example one stage of development says that when we are 0-2 years old we derive pleasure from oral stimulation, coming from breasts, bottles, pacifiers, teething rings, etc. The theory states that we can become fixated in a stage and that it can result in things like finger biting, chewing on pencils, smoking (all things that involve the mouth). So I think the fixation very easily be a pacifier or bottle.

    The next stage is anal which deals heavily with potty training. If we become fixated in the anal stage could we not very easily become fixated with diapers and such? More on Freud's stages of development here.

    Other Question to ponder:
    It seems that in autistic disorders, like aspergers there is a higher rate of fetishism and sexual attraction to objects. Why do you think this is?

    Thanks for reading. And here's a picture of rainbow dash for your troubles.
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    Also this is a thread for general discussion of any psychology diaper related stuff.

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    I took psychology last year. It did mention a lot of that kind of stuff. And it would explain why some of us (such as me) like to have a daddy/mommy.... we could have had a hiccup in our development and had a small change in our brain activity.

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    I think that this could go some way to possibly explain why some people are like this.

    On the other hand - most of Freuds stuff has been debunked now, and a lot of psych classes don't teach Freud at all (or if they do, only as a 'this is how Psych started' type topic).

    I'm inclined to not believe much of anything that Freud has said.

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    Well with autism its all about sensory. Sensory problems are the biggest pain in the butt -_-

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    Not to be a downer, but as someone with a degree in psychology I'd just like to note that Freud's theories have been largely debunked entirely. If you want a psychological explanation for this fetish I would recommend looking into behavioralism, those theories are backed by empirical data and accurate studies.

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    I think Freud will always be with us to some degree. He was the first to make a big splash trying to figure out why we do the wacky things we do. While I'm sure he spent a lot of time on it, his answers strongly reflect his times and biases. I think they still resonate pretty strongly with people in western culture and many of his theories seem right even if they're not backed up by studies. We can honor him for getting us started but I think to really pin any hopes on his theories is wishful thinking.

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