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Thread: So I want to buy diapers from abuniverse TIPS

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    Default So I want to buy diapers from abuniverse TIPS

    Say i buy these diapers and by some odd chance one of my family members sees the box and ask me what did you get what should i say. Also if I tell them that I got something they will want to see it.

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    Do you have a Fed/Ex Office in your area? It would be advisable to have the packaged delivered to that location.

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    not that i know of but i dont have a car right now

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    ABU has the best replica diapers. I think any AB who's never worn before would be quite happy with their products.

    I buy Cushies and SDK's from them every so often, and have never had a bad experience. I'm waiting on a pre-order right now, so that may change, as I'm hoping they remember to ship my stuff.

    If you don't want anyone to know what you're up to, get a Green Dot shopping card from a local chain pharmacy. Register the card online, and make your purchases through ABU. They ship in a plain white box. No nonsense whatsoever. You may receive digital copies of their "Changing Times" newsletter via email, but they will never contact you by regular mail. Shipping takes 5-7 days.

    What kind of hobbies do you have? If your parents notice the box, just tell them you ordered something online related to that. Don't make a big deal out of it! You're 18, so hopefully they won't push the issue. If you absolutely cannot have them see, email ABU ahead of time and have them ship your box to the local UPS store. Call the store in advance to inquire about the process. Make sure everything is taken care of before you place the order.

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