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Thread: Breaking news!

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    Default Breaking news!

    Rahara just got his first friend on his friend list here!

    *waves at Eddy*

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    The first step in your master plan for world domination is complete. Too bad it's a plan with several million steps.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    Yeah, well I just removed 117
    Guess you're feeling lonely now!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    Guess you're feeling lonely now!

    Nah...I still have 79...And I'll gladly add any that I removed if they request it...Just cleaning it up some

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    I try not to be a freind collector, some people just collect freinds at ramdom, I'm not into that.

    If you want to collect freinds on a list, try going to someplace like aby and say your 18, then you will have a few hundred freinds right away.

    If your older nobody wants to know you, but if they think you may be 18 or younger, everybody there wants to be your freind.

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    Show offs! *pouts*

    Still is kinda exciting though. Maybe if I'm active more (lol) I'll become a little more known. But then again there is a charm to my unbenounced absences and random late night appearances in IRC.

    Also, Peachy: Last couple nights I tried catching you before you left for your college stuff, but I couldn't get past 1 AM my time. I will see you yet!

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