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    Default Ordered Diapers...

    Months of not wearing diapers will come to end soon...

    I was surfing on ebay and bought sample pack of 2 of each... Classico and Molicare diapers. Those two that I want to try for a long time... now I am going to try soon and see how I like it. =) It's good idea to try and see which I like best.

    My wife may not be happy with me but... I can't help it. I really miss it and my DL side wanting to come out. My urges for wanting to wear diapers will never go away.

    Overall, I am excited and can't wait to receive those in mail... have to wait couple of weeks or so though. =P

    Just thought to share this news with you guys. =)

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    Hey PrincessLily

    I've discovered time and time again that suppressing it doesn't work... it's best to embrace it and enjoy it; you've made a good decision .

    You might find that you initially go on a "binge" because you'll enjoy the feeling and want more... this seems to stabilise fairly quickly for most (as soon as you've done it a few times and have a stash ).

    Good luck and congrats on your purchase .

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    Good for you Princess Lilly! It's always nice to indulge a little after a break. Diapers have significantly more appeal that way. Whenever I don't wear for awhile, I sometimes get a strong urge to wear again when I'm stressed out. You're going to love both brands.

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    Quick update about this situation....

    I was told that my sister in law's close friend saw me purchased diapers that night and of course my sister in law now suspicious that I have a DL side. To my surprise, she seem don't care and think it's cool. She went on like "As long as it not hurting others, I don't see what's big deal about it." Regardless, I am still feeling embarrassed and ... I kinda knew at least someone will see me purchasing diapers... kinda sucks to live in small city... =P

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    You are not alone. I just got a pack of nappies and I haven't been able to wear them. I also been getting the strongest urges of just putting them on and not caring lol. I've also been getting urges of having a pacifier/bottle or the real thing to suck on. lol weird because I've never had these urges of pacifiers, bottles or the other thing until recently... I don't like milk though lol.

    Regarding your last post. You should of order online! :p

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