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    Wink Greetings!

    Hello all! My name is Kim and I have come here to better understand my husbands AB/DL lifestyle (my husband is gottibear). We have been married for almost a year and I have decided that it is about time for me to become his mommy and learn more about his likes. I have learned a lot already by what I have read and I only hope to learn more!

    I have a wide range of hobbies that include: Watching Anime (I make my baby watch it with me), Reading Manga (Yes, I am somewhat of a geek), Playing World of Warcraft (I am waiting for the new expansion to come out to continue), Reading, Watching TV, Writing Fan Fiction, Going to movies (I have to DRAG my baby out to do this with me), Fishing, Listening to music and a whole lot of other things that most people like.

    I have an obsession with Japanese pop culture, especially Visual Kei Rock bands, my favorite being the GazettE. I give my baby major Kudos for listening to them with me and trying to enjoy their music as well.

    Welp, I do look forward to getting to know some of you better! I can't wait to learn more about this in order to make my baby even happier! \o/

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    Howdy stranger. Hehe you are such a wonderful and understanding person. I hope you enjoy your stay and that it helps you to understand it more. This Gottibear sure is a lucky guy.

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    Hello to both of you. I think it is amazing that you have found eachother and are so far in your relationship to be this confortable after only being married one year CONGRATS. It's looks as you too are doing a very good job already. what kids of things do you want to learn in particular.

    Again nice to meet you.

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    Hello, ilikecars! It is very nice to meet you as well!

    I mainly want to learn everything. I know that the spectrum is broad, but I want to learn as much about it as I possibly can. When he first told me about AB/DL the first thing that crossed my mind was 'this is a sexual turn on for him' and 'will I be able to satisfy him in this way'. After talking to him about it I learned that it isn't all just sexual since he likes to wear diapers and play with paci's even if we aren't in bed. That was a big wake up call for me because I always figured that they were linked.

    Also, I want some ideas on how to care for him in the aspect of him being my baby. I am not good when it comes to things like this because even though it is just me and him I get embarrassed when I talk to him in a baby voice and change his diaper and such. I think that overall with me being able to talk about it and see what others are posting/doing it will help me better understand it therefor it will be easier for me to do things for him that he likes without me feeling embarrassed about it.

    I know I didn't answer your question very well, but that is simply because I am not sure what to ask *hehe*.

    Again, it is very nice to meet you and I look forward to chatting with you in the future ^.^

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    There is no reason to get embarrassed. Especially if you are in the privacy of your own home. It may take time to get comfortable with things. I don't speak for anyone but myself, Some people may share the same opinion. Telling someone else that you are an AB is extremely difficult and the receiving person should feel a great degree of trust from the other person. The fact that you are willing to participate I would expect truly makes your partner feel accepted inside. Participation may or may not be sexual but many times lets the AB know you truly love them. However, accepting without full participation and even setting limits is a very good step too. Pushed too far in a direction where you are uncomfortable can lead to resentment and other bad feelings so you should talk through with you partner if you feel you are at a limit. just explain that it is when and where what is OK with each other and when there are differences, make compromises that such and such can happen once a month when I am not home for example. IMO this is all a good beginning.

    Just to put out there, I am not a professional. And am not in a good relationship, I just know what went wrong with mine and wish It could have gone better. Also feel free to PM me when you hit your EC status. or ask more questions here.

    --- Added ---

    The most important thing I missed, I was typing fast. Don't forget to ask your partner what they want. That is the best place to start if you are lost. Don't be embarrassed.

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