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Thread: Older? attends at a pharmacy.

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    Default Older? attends at a pharmacy.

    So I went to spend the weekend with my gf this weekend. I was in a rush getting out the door and forgot my diapers. So when I got down to where she lives I looked up a few local pharmacies too see what they stocked. Pull ups do not work for me anymore which a few places I called only had. Well on my third try they actually had smalls. The lady said they only had attends, which isn't the best but a lot better than pull ups. Any who when I got there she went and dug them out and they ended up being plastic backed attends. Similar to the current youth ones but green. Yeah they sucked and I had to change more. But was surprised to find a somewhat vintage diaper being sold over the counter.

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    I've never known of Attends being green. Are you sure you don't mean Depends?

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    They are definitely attends, the package says attends classic small on it. And the tapes say it as well. I'll get the bag out of my trunk tomorrow and look for a date on them.

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    I think I can remember members on this site talking about old green attends.

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    That would be a new one for me too, I dont doubt you but the original attends I remember were white and had a plastic sort of liner w/ lotsa holes which I found to be lousy feeling. If they said "Classic" that would infer they weren't the latest model. Current classics have 2 tapes per side as opposed to the three on the marginally beter ones, Tell us what you find tho...

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    I went out and got them, they are attends 10 Classic Small. The date on the pack is from 05 I guess they are not that old. But old enough to wonder why they sat for so long.

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    I miss when Attends were made by P&G, were sold in a paper box, and smelled like baby powder. I would pay quite a bit for some of those.

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    They have the crappy plastic inside with the holes that seem to glue themselves to your skin. Glad to be home and wearing something decent again. Lesson learned to make sure I have everything with me beforehand. But it beat wearing pull ups that leak.

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