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Thread: "Lurker", huh? We'll see about that.

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    Default "Lurker", huh? We'll see about that.

    So, calling me a lurker makes you bigger than me, huh? Do you feel big now? But big people shouldn't wear diapers... and neither should I. But somehow, I guess we all really like it!

    Well, I'm here so a few obvious conclusions come to mind - I am somehow related to diaper fetishism or otherwise completely lost on the wild waves of the interwebs. In my case it's the first.
    I'm a diaper lover. I'm not big on ageplay or anything of that sort.

    It took me a few months from moving out to actually buying my own. Even just going through self-checkout, I was dying from nerves. I survived miraculously and went away with DryNites/GoodNites.
    Later, I actually managed to go through the deal with a cashier in order to get some called "Libero Night Comfort" in Large.
    I think I like DryNites the best. I'm not sure how I like actual adult-diapers. I used to think they were too bulky and big, but I've recently warmed up to the idea. But I manage well with my early-teen-bedwetting-diapers, so I don't feel a huge need to spend big money to find them in some secluded apothecary in the outskirts of civilization.

    I like peeing my diapers. I'm also into desperation (known as omorashi) and peeing in pants. And that works in diapers aswell. So I've mostly moved away from doing it in my pants into my diapers, both due to easy and because I like it better in diapers.

    So that was my somehow detailed and somehow obviously redacted version of my diaper-fetish-life. If you're still gonna call me a lurker, so be it! I never post much on any sites, simply because what I have to say is usually already said or otherwise useless. But now I've posted this so you atleast understand a little bit about who I am.

    Looking forward to reading some more about the rest of you.

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    For a so called lurker, your a darn good poster. Nice to meet you. What are your hobbies outside of your diaper life? I enjoy cars and computers. I was a lurker most of my life, I have found I like to join in now. That's just me though.

    Again, Welcome. And enjoy your time here!

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    Welcome exlurker, moving on to the formalities.

    I enjoyed you're post it made me laugh especially the first part but still why couldn't you have lurked on the Introduction Forum more? Then you'd know that just posting that you like diapers is bad karma, try posting something else as well; hobbies, interests, friends, family anything. Just don't post a thread saying that you like diapers...your on ADISC most people here like diapers just saying.

    Darn I've started to rant. Oh well anyway welcome to ADISC I hope you enjoy it here, a lot of people are really friendly. Despite first impressions I try to be friendly too but this is a pet peeve of mine. If you only post that you like diapers, I will find you 0.0 ...because diapers don't rule our lives.

    Once again, Hope you enjoy it here!

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    I'm not a huge believer in karma to be frank, but I'll instead imagine you saying it's bad style of me to not post additional interest. And nobody accuses me of bad style without consequences.

    And the consequences must be that I post some additional interests! I like computers and cars aswell. I don't know much about the hardware of either, truthfully, but I enjoy their capabilities. I'm more of a software and website guy than fiddling with internal hardware and wires. Likewise, car engines might aswell have run by magic and broken dreams for all I know, I just like how they drive and how they look. And how they feel.

    Honestly, I find it hard to list a lot of my interests, out of fear of somebody recognizing me. This may seem dumb, but it has to do with the fact that I'm myself a quite good cyber-detective. Don't take this as a threat, though. I've seen a list of types of people (extremely limited, really) and I fit into the "chaotic good" which I think means, that I do good stuff but I don't mind causing some fun havoc along the way. For comparison, The Joker from The Dark Knight would be "chaotic evil". Where I would get you on a scavenger hunt around your house for a 5$ present, he'd burn your house down and see if you got out before it burnt down. Basically, what I meant to say was that I have powers, but I use them for good! I would never expose anybody if I should somehow find out who they are (which I never actively try to find out).

    You asked for hobbies and you got a wall of text. I'm not a psychology major, so I don't know what all of this means. But if you do, feel free to not tell me, cause I think I'd rather not know

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