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Thread: Losing a Plushie

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    Default Losing a Plushie

    Hiya All!

    So i found this tonight....

    Just thought that was an amazing story. :3

    Now, i don't think i've ever lost a plushie. I've had them taken away from me though!

    I used to have a teddy bear called "Beazly" (Beez-lee) when i was little. As i grew up, Beazly was taken away from me and given to other family members, and i think he was eventually given to a charity :< I think there is a photo of little me, and him around somewhere though :3

    Who else has lost a plushie, as either an Adult or a Child?

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    Default Re: Losing a Plushie

    Will watch that later (on mobile, so I can't really), but;

    Last year, my now-ex-GF had came back from disney. I had told her about a year prior about my favorite mickey plushie and how I had lost it. Knowing about my abdl-side, she made extra sure to find one, and one day that school year, she had given it to me.

    For half that day, I had him zipped up in my bag, head poking out.

    For half that day, it seemed like it was a fine idea.

    At lunch that day, I found it was not at all a good idea.

    I had walked down the hall from health class (I know I had it then), and met up with my GF. We hugged, I went to lunch, and she went to class.

    As soon as I sat down and looked at my bag, my heart sank.

    It was gone.

    I looked in the halls, and didn't see anything. At that point I tried to stay calm. My GF had messed with me earlier by taking it out, so I hopefully assumed she was doing it again to teach me a lesson. When class let out, I found I was wrong.

    The rest of that day had been terrible. It was gone, stolen. I found out who did it, I knew where it was at every second of the day after I lost it, but not where it had ended up.

    "Some random girl," he said.

    The f-er... Ruined my day completely and the school did absolutely nothing.

    I never did, and never will get that plushie back.

    But, a day or two after my GF broke up with me (long after this event and 100% unrelated), I found my original one, so I'm happy.

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    Plushies are family. I don't care who you are, if you have been given or if you have got a plushie, it becomes a part of your family one way or another. I swear, if anything happened to my Speedy or Pete I would cry my eyes out. Hell, my dog tore a small hole in speedy and when I found out I actually did cry. The only reason I refer to them as if they are my possessions is so that others understand what I am talking about; I don't consider either to be a stuffy because I see them as people with personalities of their own. They are family. Sorry if I ranted on a bit, I just get very emotional about things like that.

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    OMG. I have tears in my eyes right now. For those of you who skipped the video you have to watch it. I have never lost a plushie, but I have had some very mean people throw mine away to try and make me grow up. I was more than crushed. I did the exact opposite of make me grow up. My plushies are my only friends sometimes.

    SPOILER: I absolutely love the part when he gets it back!

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    I'm laying here squeezing "blackie" after watching that video. It brought tears to my eyes becaise I know how I feel about my "Blackie".

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    what an awesome video! It's so touching, to think the blue money came home.

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    I understand how this boy feels. I should feel the same way if my Plushy get lost and i should be this happy o if i find him. This was a very nice story.

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    Awe, thats so awesome . How much i wish i could have spot back. Damn purges. I lost spot who i had from when i was 5 until 21 and then purged really bad, i miss him.

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    Default Re: Losing a Plushie

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyger View Post
    Awe, thats so awesome . How much i wish i could have spot back. Damn purges. I lost spot who i had from when i was 5 until 21 and then purged really bad, i miss him.
    Yes i understand that. What happen?

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