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    I am wearing a cloth diaper (wet) plastic pant and a bra. A diaper change is due, the bra is part of my attire for the day. I will be going to WalMart later on. Do any of you go out with this clothing combination? Yes I will be wearing jeans over the diaper when I hit the store.

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    Small piece of advice its impolite to tell people the status of your diaper.

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    I go out everyday in diaper,bra,panties,and today I was in diaper,bra,plastic panties, and onesie.

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    Only a bra on top? ...

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    Fairly confident you're supposed to wear a shirt at Wal Mart.

    In any case, this doesn't really strike me as the kind of thread we want to see on ADISC. A thread discussing specifics of what underwear combinations people wear in various situations doesn't really interest us, so closed.

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