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Thread: Where do you change your diaper?

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    Default Where do you change your diaper?

    When you put on a diaper, or change into a new one, where do you do it?

    I figure most people use their bed for that, but I've found that I can't quite get a proper and snug fit of my diaper because my bed is too soft. I prefer hard surfaces, so I usually use my floor even if it's uncomfortable. Standing up works for me too.

    Also, what is your ideal spot in your house? I mean if you were free of any restrictions by parents or whoever and could choose any spot you like, where would you change your diaper?

    Personally, I'd set up a changing table of some sort, probably just a big dresser which looks normal to any unsuspecting visitor but can be converted into a changing table by adding a changing mat. That should supply the hard surface I prefer to changing/putting on diapers. However, I haven't done that because it sounds like too much effort for wearing 2 or 3 times a week.


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    I usually put mine on laying on my bed or standing in the bathroom (when I put one on after I shower.)

    If I had no restrictions and my mom didn't live at the house, I would change mine on the big bed downstairs. :P

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    Butterfly Mage


    I usually change at home, standing up. I try to avoid having to change my diaper at work, but sometimes it's unavoidable. In the latter case, it's in the restrom stall so I can't easily be seen.

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    Since I've only used pullup types, it's been either in the bathroom or down in the basement. The one time I was trying my darndest to squeeze into a Pampers #7, I was standing in the bathroom.


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    I love to change on the bed if i had no restrictions i would change right in the middle of the livening room

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    Usually my room...Sometimes my basement, rarely my bathroom...Always standing up

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    I find that it's much easier to get a diaper on properly when i change standing up. I generally change in my room against the wall when I'm at home. I try to find a handicap or family washroom when I'm in public.

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    Bathroom, sitting down for the first two tapes and standing for the second two (and readjusting the first two)

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    I change sitting down, standing and laying down. I've changed in my room, the bathroom, on the living room floor, in my car, at stores and once in the woods.

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    At work... bathroom... thankfully the toilet has an actual lid so I can do it sitting down.

    At home... typically bedroom... though I will occasionally do it in the living room if the movie is too good to pause. LOL

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