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    OK there are many of us that are programmers here many mostly with MSDN accounts and many that don't still have access to the Release Preview, So I would like to know what you hate and like about windows 8

    In BLUE please post your likes and in RED your dislikes but please post details on why you like and dislike these things.

    I still have no like or dislike for this OS I have only been using it for about 3 days and with StarDocks Start8 menu I am able to use older ways to get around until I get used to it, I see why the UI is now like this and I like it for a Tablet OS and works ok as a desktop OS.

    I will be also posting back when I find things I hate and Like about this OS

    ---- Or wrong I do have a hate

    Metro Message/Chat
    My reasons for not liking this program, well it as no cam support, it as no Image sending support so it also means it has no Image from clipboard support, it as no sharing support, the facebook support is pants it still lets you send icons that are not support by facebook so they don't send, I do like it is able to run along side the desktop mode but this is a Windows 8 function NOT the message function, I also hate the fact it does not lost whom is online I have to go in to the peoples app to be able to select someone to talk to, from what I see there is no means to encrypt your chat so MS will see mostly everything I also think they filter for your facebook chat that also works thought it.

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    I spent about a month with the consumer preview, and I have to say I haven't had such a gradually more frustrating time with an OS since the days of Windows 98. I can't help but agree with Valve founder and visionary Gabe Newell's prediction that the OS will destroy the PC's dominance in the gaming realm.

    My dislikes

    Metro Interface (or whatever they're calling it now)

    I think this is a lovely idea on paper, to unify the touch and desktop interfaces, but making the touch style interface the default option is annoying beyond belief, and the stripped down version of the desktop interface is extremely disappointing. I'm not sure how applications like Word, development tools, archiving tools, games etc. are supposed to interact with this interface. Most of the little plugins I installed failed regularly - the news feed I was testing had the same news for weeks, some painting app I installed refused to run, told me I had to repair it using the store, the store said it was repaired and it continued to refuse running.

    Social Integration
    This again, is a great idea, and I applaud Microsoft for embracing all of the major players in the social realm instead of trying to replace them with their own equivalents - but this feature annoys me even more than the metro interface. Yes, it's optional, but it's tempting, and once you take the dive, it seemed like it was pervasive and difficult to disconnect.

    This is probably extremely contentious and maybe a bit stacked against Windows 8 considering the old system I was running it on, but after my month, the entire thing failed in spectacular fashion. One day it decided that it was no longer able to read from one of the SATA channels, and subsequently disconnected all of the connected partitions on that particular hard drive, and wouldn't read them again. I believe Windows 8 lasted about two more boots before it actually stopped reading the fact that there was an OS on the drive. At this point I decided to revisit my old Vista install and see if my product key was still valid... everything worked, and lo and behold the hard drive and SATA channel were quite fine (except for about 30 GIGS of unimportant videos that mysteriously vanished). I haven't seen such a mysterious failure of an OS again since the pre-SE Windows 98 days. Again, this is a consumer preview, but it's a pretty scary situation.

    My likes:


    When I bought my old dual core beast way back when Vista was bright and shiny, it was a compatibility nightmare - very little that I enjoyed worked with this operating system out of the box, and I replaced it with XP within hours... I didn't experience this with Windows 8 preview, which is why I kept it for so long. Everything I tried seemed to run, old dev tools, older tools, 7zip, Steam, even Onlive which I had to get an alternate install for because Onlive didn't recognize the OS as compatible.

    I have to admit it ran quite well considering the old technology I was testing it on (the old dual core beast I mentioned earlier). It seemed to boot faster than 7 ever did on it, and I didn't experience any specific slowdowns despite the limited resources. I didn't do a particularly extensive speed test, but I anticipate Microsoft has put a bit of emphasis on this.

    These are great things to like, but unfortunately my overall experience with the OS was one of frustration. If humans were built differently enough to make desktop touch screens viable, and I weren't so disappointed with the interface and stability, I might be happier with the direction of this OS... but I'm not.

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    Dislike - Metro full screen is horrible on my 21 inch screen. There has to be some sort of parabolic graph that shows usefulness of full screen to screen size. 21 inch must be near the minimum for usefulness.
    Social intergeration is bad. I don't like this recent push from companies. No, I don't want a Facebook, Twitter, G+, or some other website I've never hear of.

    Like - Almost everything else

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    Please remember to read my first post where I ask for Red and Blue points this is so I can read it easier and the points not get lost in your comments thanks.

    @Hobbes, I have a HDD fault with mine and I don't think its the OS as par say I just know my TB drive hates OS's on it and does fail when used as OS drive all the time, I have had OS's installed on it before and its does just what you said. I have to say the stability problems you are having seemed to be a read right problem or that windows 8 was just pushing your drive little bit the lost of that data just shows you it was having a sector reading problem some OS's are not as pick as others.

    But the Social Intergreation and default Start Overly are little pushy one MS's part

    @AbsolutelyFabulous Same as I said to Hobbes really but I have to say the problem I see with it is it offers no real freedom of changing things around the tiles are always left alined I want one of the right I wont let me sadly.

    This OS is not perfect but I do see they are now trying to catch up with the touch screen times, but I think they have jumped a few years ahead of themselfs.

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