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Thread: Pinhole Leaks :(

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    Default Pinhole Leaks :(

    After a small first wetting, I noticed a front leak in my first Abena M4 out of the pack . Anyone still having any issues like this with Abenas?

    I've contacted XP Medical, anyone have any experience with his customer service? if he'll give me a discount/new batch? I'm wondering if I should 'test' another, or if it's better to hold off until I see what he says. Small leaks like these are really frustrating to me. Makes me uneasy to use the padding

    Anyone have any good ideas on how to make the most out of these diapers? Should I double up with them, maybe try and wear two pairs of boxers to absorb the leaks?

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    Sorry, forgot to specify. It's the classic plastic-backed one, not the new cloth one.

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    Its possible that it was just a manufacturing error, it happens sometimes, the rest of the diapers should be fine, but I would hold off on using them until you hear back from xp medical, in case they ask you to send the rest of the pack back to get a new one (which I dont think you would need to do, but you never no, that is how most returns with stores are done).
    Like I said though, I doubt that the rest of the diapers also have pinholes in them.

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    Thursday night's M-4 had a pinhole leak in the crotch area, It is not common but does happen. I think it the leaks come from the thinner plastic backing being cut by larger SAP granules and has only been an issue since they downgraded them from X-Plus to M-4. This was the first leaky one in an almost gone case also bought from XP. The leak did make a mess in my bed and prompted me to wear a Wellness last nite for SIDF. Of the Dry 47/7s I bought almost all had the pinhole leaks, Wellness only a few, Tranquility, Secure, Moliecare & Tena never.

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    yeah, it's probably the granules; and it's not just an issue affecting one brand.
    aside from manufacturing flaws (when the pulp and sap are laid down), the packaging can also result in pinholes, if the wrapper is too tight - in that case, the diapers most likely to affected will toward the ends of the pack.

    always good to have a pair of trainer-pants on standby

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    Thanks for the tech advice, last two posters.... I do think these came out of the middle of the pack though. I've sent an email to the owner of XP, and I guess I'll see what he says on Monday.... hopefully he'll see my good track record (no complaints/asking for a new pack through years of service) and send me a replacement package. I've never been one to try and get freebies, but if any more have leaks in them- they're not useless- but for sure not worth using unless I double them up. Leaks bother me, haha!

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    After testing another two- and them both leaking... I'm glad I contacted XPMedical... and they've went through the steps to correcting the problem- showing that they continue to be the best adult diaper seller in the US. Great, responsive customer service. Just had to do a follow-up on here that they are a great company if you're looking to order within the US.

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