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Thread: jst emailed bbc about show i am seeingu

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    Default jst emailed bbc about show i am seeingu

    theres a show on bbc call stricley come danceing and they said dress smart so i emailed them about me being aloud to wear diapers under my suit heres hopeing

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    Default jst emailed bbc about show i am seeingu

    Why? Follow basic hygen rules and nobody will either care or notice.

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    Compare and contrast:

    Dear Strictly Come Dancing,

    I have a medical condition that requires the use of a fully-concealed medical product. It's the most normal thing in the world to me, and no would ever know about it. Do you mind?

    Yours faithfully, etc., etc.

    Dear Strictly Come Dancing,

    I have a bizarre fetish. Do you mind if I sit in the audience of your family-oriented TV programme wallowing in my urine? If it helps ease your mind, I have a full set of sex toys and other fetish items should anyone else want to join in. Also, I might want to wear my gimp mask. I'm sure it won't frighten the children. Is that okay?

    Yours faithfully, etc., etc.
    The first letter is unnecessary, the second creepy! Okay, I'm sure you didn't go to such crazy extremes, but on the spectrum of "creepy to unnecessary", I'd rather stick to the unnecessary end, if you see what I mean...

    I think it's okay to wear in public if the desire is that strong, but it's probably best to imagine that you really are wearing because you have to. People around you wouldn't feel uncomfortable if you had a simple medical condition or disability. If someone invited you to dinner, you wouldn't say, "I'm just off to have a giant crap in your toilet and then insert some haemorrhoid suppositories in my rectum! Is that okay with you?"... Likewise, if you were wearing diapers then I'm sure your hosts would prefer not to know...

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    yes Tiny, I think the OP doesn't really need to know he's just kind of trolling / cheeking the BBC.

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    I hope my response isn't now somewhat obsolete (since Tiny's post represents my thoughts quite well), but I'd agree that emailing is both unnecessary and (in my opinion) inadvisable.
    Unless someone is being exhibitionist or indiscreet, nappies/diapers are not noticeable, so no-one else needs to know (regardless of motivation to wear: need or desire). The only thing emailing does is draw someone else's attention to it...
    As Tiny said, in most contexts it is best to assume the pretence of "need", and under those circumstances, the BBC saying "No, that is not allowed" would constitute flagrant discrimination... If you told them that it is for a fetish, then that is rather on the exhibitionist side, and I could quite believe that that would make things somewhat difficult for the person receiving it (how should they respond? "Yes, please do engage in your fetish here..." or "No, why are you emailing me about this?").

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    I don't see why you'd see the need to do that, you're going to be in the audience so it's not like the diaper will be on camera for the nation to see and also they aren't going to perform spot checks on the way in to make sure no one is bringing in any diapers under their clothes as they're obviously a major security threat. Honestly the answer you'll get, if they even bother to respond to such a question, is "Yes you can, we don't care about the type of underwear people are wearing".

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    Here's hoping you used 'spell check' on whatever form of correspondence you used.

    I'm unclear...are you hoping to be a member of the audience or an active participant in the program? Either way, why is it necessary for the BBC (or anyone else) to know you are wearing a diaper under your suit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ayanna View Post
    I'm unclear...are you hoping to be a member of the audience or an active participant in the program?
    They'll be in the audience, this is our version of Dancing With The Stars.

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    I really dought they would of first of of notice if you haden't said anything or secondaly of cared. Its the BBC its not like they will say no because nappies in genreal are for medical reasons so they won't say no to that

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