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    I've noticed that for a lot of diapers the cutoff point between small and medium is 32. I am about a 32 and so I am wondering, for you other 32s out there, do you find that it works better to go with the smaller size, or the medium. I have been getting medium Certainty briefs and they tend to leak when I wet while sitting. I'm considering picking up Tranquility ATNs, which have a similar sizing system. Which do you think I should go with, small or medium? Thanks

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    I'm about a 32", probably 1 or 2 less. I find that the mediums versus the smalls are a little loose at times (but they can be adjusted; the beauty of taped diapers!) but the mediums generally have a higher capacity than smalls.

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    If you're a 32, I would definitely go with a medium. I'm a 34/36 and the medium ATN is just about perfect on me, so being a little bit smaller wouldn't be a problem.

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    As a 32"-er myself, I only use Medium. But that doesn't necessarily mean that your body shape would not be better suited to a Small. However, there are many factors that can lead to leakage; consider the amount you're wetting (and if you're flooding or using gradually.)

    But if you have tried taping them differently, and still find them a little loose around the leg, you might as well give the Smalls a go. And if they're no good, you could always use them as stuffers in a medium.

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    Personally (as a 32) The only small that fit well was the Dry 24/7. Abena/Molicare/ect all fit better as a medium. And like others have said, better absorbancy also. Not to mention the diaper ride up your front and back higher... so that's a preference to consider.

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    I have a 30 inch waist and small hips but the smallest diapers I can find are mediums and they barely get a good fit on me

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    The Tranqulity ATNs run a little small so the medium shouls be a good fit for you. I'm a 34-36 waist and they fit but are on the small side but I buy them because their large are way too big.

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