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Thread: Perfect Adult diapers

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    Quite pricey - 1.20 Euros for a diaper whose absorbency and quality is unkown.


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    Adult Diaper Brand Reviews - Molicare, Abri-Form and more!

    According to the review on this site, they are a good brand albeit difficult to attain.
    Of course their are only two comments, one of those a review.
    More than anything else I thought folks here would appreciate their aesthetics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khaymen View Post
    More than anything else I thought folks here would appreciate their aesthetics.
    It's just a matter of tastes: personally, I like adult diapers to look like adult diapers...

    And what the hell, the bag with 10 medium diapers costs 16,90 € (1,69 € per diaper), while a bag of Abriform X-Pluses (14 diapers in each bag) is 11,65 € (0,83 € per diaper)... this means these "Perfect" diapers cost two times the Abriforms..... but idk why I highly doubt they're as good as them.

    I wonder how many of those diapers they do expect to sell.

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    david jones


    The perfict adult diaper depends upon your choice. Cloth diapers from angel fluff is my choice.

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    I've got agree,cloth is the way to go. i get mine from Myprotx. these people are just north of Austin. No place but Texas. lol

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    Most of the time I like to be able to read... And be able to prenounce the words in the diapers description... But the box is pretty!

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    ive always wanted to try these but dont think they would fly with my gf, she thinks they are just for bedwetting, and doesnt know that i enjoy wearing them.

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