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Thread: Unknown diapers I found at a thrift store.

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    Default Unknown diapers I found at a thrift store.

    I found some diapers I cannot find anywhere. They appear rather old. As they have a very thick plastic backing that is very shiny, they are also very loud. The elastic is also beginning to turn colors. They have 3 tapes on each side and no wetness indicator. They are a mint green color, size medium, come in a pack of 24 i bought both as if I find them at a thrift store i usually buy all of them. Also bought 3 packs of tenas and a pack of diapers from puerto rico, that are very blunt about what they are, they don't say briefs they say adults diapers... with an s not adult but adults. They are rather comfy for cloth backed, as the cloth is really really soft.

    But anyway I wanted to post a pic and see if anyone knows what they are.

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    Hmmm. I bought some old Depends this summer that look a lot like these.

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    I thought they were but the way they are in the package threw me off. However I have never seen the old depends that looked like these, can't find any photos online either. Gotta say loudest diaper I have ever worn.

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    do they have 3 tapes per side? if so, i'm going with Depends.
    i bought a pack, years ago, as a one-off from one of my [once] regular sellers and they were packaged as Depends 'overnight' briefs. over here, in the UK, Depends aren't a big name in inco-stuff; ironically, though, it was they that popularized inco-stuff in mainstream retailing, but not with the product i bought nor in the livery of the pack (i'm guessing that the pack that i got was a pure US version) - the UK released packaging was boldly coloured and quite garish for a discreet item.
    a similar-looking pack is as: Attachment 14055, though mine was more maroon in it's colour scheme.

    noise-wise, they were definitely the noisest dispy i've even worn. i used to 'test' dispies for noise at the nearby town's library and the Depends were the only ones that were definitely audible over the hustle and bustle, the air-con and general hum of electrickiness.
    because they weren't absorbant, because they were tissue-paper lined, they were easily dismantled once damp and i continued to use the shell of the diaper by stuffing it with odds and sods (maybe i've still got a shell, somewhere???) and the elasticated waist never failed, which is testament to the build quality, at least.

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    After doing some more research yeah you guys are right they are depends. Crazy they are around 20 years old. Probably will never use anymore of them because of that. Only used one.

    Only able to find one picture of them and it was that ad from 1987.

    Also bag is much larger that regular depends bags of 20 however it does have 24 instead of 20 but still..

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    with regard to the advert, the packets look identical to the regular style that Depends pioneered with, in the UK, but the pictured brief is that of the one i bought as the 'overnight' model. the regular ones didn't have elasticated waists nor 3 tapes per side.

    on a side-note, Depends' pioneering also included retail promotional samples, in packs with the garish livery, but neatly sized for slipping inside one's coat or large pocket, of 1 or 2 briefs (can't remember for sure).
    towards the end of the promotion, you'd find stacks of those samples in baskets [bargain buckets] in the cheapo pharmacies, and often placed near the exits of the shop.
    oh, the temptation!

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