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Thread: My Artwork!

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    Default My Artwork!

    So I'm kind of a newbie artist, but I really enjoy drawing and I know I'm improving all the time so I figured I'd share my artwork with y'all. I'd love to hear feedback and any critique at all is welcome. I'll show them in order of being drawn so you can see how I've improved over the months!

    If this isn't the right forum for this, I apologize. I'm not quite sure where to post this. I have some ABDL art but not all of it will be.

    One of my first images with shading. It's not too great, but I was mostly just starting out.

    A friend of mine, Roseship Tea helped me out a lot with this image. I used a tutorial of hers and it really got the ball rolling with my artwork! Also, painttool SAI is awesome!-

    Just a pretty picture of me!-

    WARNING: This one is not for littles' eyes! (no graphic content or anything but it's still pretty adult just FYI). This is a somewhat naughtier version of me with Roseship Tea!

    Finally, my alternate me as a water Pokemon Trainer! I'm a HUGE fan of the series, and LOVE water pokemon, just sooooo cute! This was the first image I attempted serious coloring and shading on. Unfortunately, there was an issue with layering and some of the parts that should be white blend into the background and I couldn't quite figure out how to fix it.

    So yeah! Now you know what I like to do, and I'll continue to do it forever and ever and ever cause I really like cute artwork and I love ABDL artwork and have always wanted to make my own!

    Whew, that was a mouthful.

    Anyway, as said critique and comments welcome, and if you feel like looking through some of my other stuff and 'watching' me for more artwork to come, you're more than welcome to here-

    Jaded-but-cute on deviantART

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    Very cute. I don't really see anything bad about them but I bet after you have been doing it for a while they will get even better.
    Good job!

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    Default My Artwork!

    You're really good! If you want my criticism and advice, you're drawings look quite flat, in the arms and legs especially, you should work on your shading, as there isn't much in you're pictures. I've not been drawing for long but I find that it helps to decide on the position of the light source before starting to draw.

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    Yup yup! Totally agree Supersam, I attempted that as best I could in my pokemon image, but it still kinda looks flat. But hey, I'm getting better every day right?

    Next image I'm drawin'

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    Do you use a wacom tablet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JackieMae View Post
    One of my first images with shading. It's not too great, but I was mostly just starting out.
    I love your artwork Jackie! This one is my favorite. (The first one) Sorry it took me so long to catch this thread

    I saw what other people said and your artwork doesn't have to be the most technical to be good. Not all art is that way. It is not always about realism. I was really drawn to some of yours. Good job and keep up the good work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    Do you use a wacom tablet?
    Actually, I use a bamboo tablet. Roomie gave one to me after she got a brand new one so I could practice drawing and stuff.


    Thank you so much!!! I know it doesn't have to be ultra realistic but I do try to improve on basics and stuff.

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