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Thread: Diapered Media/Pornography: approve or disapprove?

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    Default Diapered Media/Pornography: approve or disapprove?

    I won't give any examples within ADISC (mature hat on ), but there have been many cases of websites set up involving the subjects of this media wearing nappies, sometimes wetting, sometimes masturbating, and other pornographic exploits.

    I agree that sometimes the media concerned cannot really be bracketed into real "pornography" as such, but I was just wondering how many people around here, on a website known for it's maturity in discussion, actually approve of this.

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    I'm not sure if I approve, but I certainly don't disapprove of any adult, consenting, legal porn... I'm just not really interested in it myself...

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    I really don't like it at all(and the main reason I haven't ordered from ABU yet since they have those creepy pictures on there)

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    I totally approve as long as the subjects are 18+.

    Beyond the legal age of consent, sexuality is a private matter, and should be treated as a protected social liberty. Diapers are a sexual fetish for many people (myself included), so its reasonable to think that we'd have porn involving diapers. Nobody is being harmed. Its no different than heterosexual porn involving young women, or homosexual porn involving "toys"; diapers just appeal to a different dynamic.

    Besides, cute guys in diapers are adorable. <3

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    Well, I guess I don't approve, but who am i to day that it can't be on there for others who like it and it doesn't bother them, its not really any of my business. I think to a certain extent, the ones that aren't really explicit can be really cute, which i like. However the explicit stuff, i don't like (but i admit I have a problem with it), if it was my choice i guess i'd have them not do it because It makes my little life feel unstable.
    In all reality though, i think the explicit AB/DL media is rude, most of the time it expresses extreme crazy lust that i really hope isn't what my ideal parent/child relationship becomes like. In a relationship, some of the things that happen in the videos i wouldn't mind for myself, but for the most part I think I imagine it a little more toned down and intimate, rather than raging hormones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    I'm not sure if I approve, but I certainly don't disapprove of any adult, consenting, legal porn...
    This. I can't say that I approve of it but certainly don't disapprove of it. I may check it out occasionally but it's one of those things I don't have any strong opinion of one way or another, if it has people of the legal age limit and they consent to it why should I as one man say that it is wrong and that they should stop doing it? Whether diaper porn exists or not doesn't really impact on my daily life enough for me to have a prevailing opinion of it beyond "meh".

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    As long as it's legal its fine. But all the ones I've seen are from studio porn shops with non-ab/dl's in diapers so its obvious the girls, guys aren't actually enjoying it.

    However I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a model/actor got into ab/dl by simply wearing the stuff. Clearly as a model/actor in a porn industry they are willing to try new things.

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    Default Diapered Media/Pornography: approve or disapprove?

    I could hardly care less. Adults doing adult stuff with consenting adults is fine by me, even if it's for a broad audience of consenting audiance.

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    I loves me some porn I does. And apart from that I approve of it because well its a business and I like to make money.... I just need to break in. So who wants to seen overweight hairy guy in a nappy, I've got tassles

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    [Removed] I can't really disapprove. I generally don't like the real life videos though.
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