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Thread: Pressing the "reset" button in life

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    Default Pressing the "reset" button in life

    I was wonder what it would hurt going back into the military. I am 21 young and physically active.

    I was in the Navy for about 5 months. I was in submarines and didn't like it (the submarine part of it) so I tried all I could to get out to do something different in the Navy. Long story short I got discharged from the Navy for having a physiological disorder. The code I got is an RE4 on my DD214. I feel that this is an unfair discharge and REALLY want back into the military. I tried talking to my recruiter of the Navy (about a year and a half ago) he didn't do anything for me.

    I do remember that I was told when going though the process of being discharged "Since I was only in 5 months its like I was never in at all"

    So I had the idea of going to another branch and basically signing up again BUT without telling them I was in the military before and keeping that to myself. I am 21 its not like they would think I had a previous record of being in.

    Would they check?

    What can I do?

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    Bad idea..

    Absolute best case you'd live in fear of them finding out and it ending your career on the spot.

    Hate to bear bad news, but as I understand it (and take with salt, as I am Canadian so most of my US military knowledge is second hand..), RE-4 specifically makes you inelligable for re-enlistment, regardless of whether it was honorable or dishonourable.

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    They will know its very easy to find out you were in the navy all they need is your social security number. so you try to hide it they will just have a reason not to help you, honor courage and commitment ya know. R-4 you more than likly have no chance at all expecially with how recruiting has been theses days the navy is full sad to say.

    you could try maybe army or marines if u really want back in but i very much doubt it because of the R-4, only hope is have a medical professional say you no longer have that disorder and respectfully request a change to your R-4.

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    Not telling them would constitute Fraudulent Enlistment: violation of both the UCMJ and Federal Statutes.
    Don't. If you really think it's wrong, see what can be done about re-characterizing your discharge and re-enlistment code.

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