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    I have been thinking about buying come cartoon underwear, do you think that they can fit a size adult? I know they wont fit properly, but do you think I could make it work?

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    It is possible on ebay, Im always looking for the fruit of the loomb ones but Its almost impossible to find anything in the UK

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    Walmart in the has adult men's cartoon underwear batman 'superman and others look at there online stuff:-)

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    If you are looking for kids print cartoon underwear, then I can tell you they should be able to fit (though they will be tight). This of course depends on your waist size; I have a 36 waist, but have bought size 10 boys spiderman briefs. They certainly weren't something I could wear all the time because they did cut in a little bit, but I could have also got bigger sizes had I decided to.

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    Hmmm are looking for brief type underwear or boxers? Walmart sells the boxers in big sizes, but the briefs are hard to come by.

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    I have panties with a picture of Simba on them, they're size 7-8 years (that's the biggest size they had) and they are a bit of a squeeze.

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    Ok, I went out to Target today to buy some disney cars cartoon underwear size 8 and it fits, I love them, I guess pull-ups and cartoon underwear are noww my favorite undergarments

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    I am not sure where everyone that previously posted is from but I am in California and there is there is this chain store called Fallas that has all kinds of clothes and other stuff really cheap. Earlier this year they had Adult Sized cartoon underwear just like they make for little kids. I got Superman, Spiderman, Batman(2 different designs) and Ironman, Captain America for just $ 2.99 each.

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    what you can get is really based on what you are looking for. Walmarts and Targets have been carrying superhero underwear including briefs for a little while now in the men's section or you can get them online at places like if you are looking for patterned more juvenile looking briefs you'll have a harder time finding what you want in adult sizes

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    For those in the UK, I was in New Look yesterday and they sell a selection of cartoon boxer shorts. There were some super hero ones, some teenage mutant ninja turtles and some spongebob & squarepants (ironically having spongebob on them). Next has sold things like this in the past, but I've not checked recently.

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