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Thread: Real Life AB experience

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    Default Real Life AB experience

    Hello everybody,

    I had the great fortune of finally meeting a real life AB, the great thing about us is that we both have a lot of common outside of our baby interests. The other day we hung out in diapers and just watched a movie. We were both wondering what are some baby/toddler things we can do that we can both enjoy but not be to awkward? We are both expecting things to be a bit awkward at first, but we feel it will slowly pass, we both never thought that this moment would come for us but it did and we both like it and are going to take advantage of it....any suggestions on some baby things that him and I can do?

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    Well, I have no experience with another person but I think you guys can share Baby Stuff and raise money to buy things like a crib, pacifiers, bottle, stuffed animals etc... you two are lucky

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    Congrats on having a real AB friend!
    I have one AB friend myself and we've hung out once so far. I don't know if you would consider this to be a "baby" thing, but you could check out some cool museums. My friend and I went to the Air and Space museum diapered and it was great! I considered this to be somewhat of a childish thing because so many people brought their toddlers there. It will be awkward at first, but once you get past that, you can have a lot of fun
    It really does help if the two of you have similar interest outside of diapers.

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    We have talked about saving up to buy abu cushies, we cant buy a crib since we dont have a place to put it, im in college and he lives a few blocks away from me with his parents, but stuffed animals is a good idea

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    Well...I see you like "CARS"...soooooooo you could maybe have a "Cars" themed play-date. Bring out your favourite toys and drive them all around (maybe get a playmat with roads on it...or make your own). Doesn't matter if it's Tonka trucks or Matchbox cars, "driving" them and making the appropriate sounds is going to be lots of fun!

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    coloring books legos big blocks they are fun. Just think little.You can make a blanket fort too.

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    I'd say just play around with each other like toddlers would. Like playing with cars, or other toys, wrestling, watching kid tv shows and movies. Just think of things that toddlers and babies do when they play together, and then pick on of those things to do.

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    I like Ayanna's suggestion about a cars themed play date. You could also try:

    * Snuggling
    * Changing each other
    * Giving each other a bath
    * Playing with LEGO's
    * Coloring with crayons
    * Hanging out in babyish clothes
    * Drinking from sippy cups or bottles

    I know you guys aren't totally comfortable with each other yet, but in time, you'll probably want to expand to other things. If changes are beyond your comfort zone, don't worry about them. You could even wear swim trunks during the bath.

    Good luck! Its awesome to have AB's nearby. I really miss living near my daddy and little brother fox.

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    how about getting a pushchair or stroller, from which you can take turns pushing each other to different places.

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    I tend to give my friend the first time a friendship paci and we go to water parks together zoo's aquariums museums movies are great going out to eat getting to know each other is great as well have a blast!!!

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