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Thread: I was told to eat baby food!

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    Default I was told to eat baby food!

    There’s a woman I talk to every now and again because we both have an illness in common. She deals with diverticulitis and before my operation; I was dealing with crohn's disease but still suffer from some slight effects. Anyhow, she told me she really loved her fruits in vegetables, but they did a number on her stomach. She then went out and brought some “Stage 2” baby food and said they were not only half bad, but didn’t bother her stomach at all ether. She’s an older woman so she joked about coming around full circle and I told her, at least she wasn’t back in diapers yet hehehe. Anyhow, she suggested that I gave it a try to see if it worked. I have to say, not in a million years, would I have thought I’d have someone non-AB tell me to eat baby food on the regular basis. Of course, baby food is for babies for a reason; therefore I wonder if it’s ok for an adult to add it as a daily diet.

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    Like you said adults have very different calorie and nutritional needs to babies. Baby food alone wouldn't make for particularly healthy, or fulfilling diet but combined with healthy adult meals I can't imagine it would do any harm. I'm not a fan of vegetables as solids, so having them served to me puréed isn't going to make them anymore appealing to me. But if it's of benefit to you I say give it a whirl.

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    If it works, give it a try. The drawbacks will be that it will be expensive, since they come in little jars. They also have a lot of calories since they are made for growing babies. As a side note, my wife makes apricot bread at Christmas time, and uses baby food apricot in the recipe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ebonybaby View Post
    Of course, baby food is for babies for a reason; therefore I wonder if it’s ok for an adult to add it as a daily diet.
    It won't kill you, but I don't think it will give you very much of whatever the pureed food product is. I knew a family that ate baby food on a regular basis, think it was only fruit ones though.

    also a few years ago, I saw a topic on here or another site like this of gym buff's going on a diet with the stuff, of course they likely ate other stuff too. I think they used it for a snack or something, plus it would be easy to down it in the locker room between workouts.

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    Theres an entire diet where you eat a bunch of baby food and 1 real meal. I believe it's supposed to be good for stabilizing metabolism etc. Babies do have different nutritional needs but 1 good thing about baby food is that they usually don't have all the unnecessary stuff like added sugars and fats that are added to regular food for taste reasons.

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    I would point out first that Stage 2 'baby foods' are different from other baby food (stage 1) in that they are 'strained' not 'puréed'. They are also usually made up of 2 (or more) fruits or vegetables. The good thing about baby foods is they do not usually contain added sugars, salts, or opposed to 'adult' foods which are bottled/canned or frozen.

    One thing I would suggest is maybe forego the expensive mass-produced baby foods, and make your own. Buy fresh vegetables, cook them (do not add salt/sugar/butter etc), then mash them. Get some zip-loc baggies or small plastic containers and you can make as much as you want and then freeze the 'left-overs'. Try sweet potatoes, carrots & peas, potatoes & turnip (rutabaga). You can do the same with fresh fruit...mash strawberries & bananas together, for instance, or mango & papaya!

    Stay away from things like corn (which doesn't digest well even for the healthiest of people), sugar (especially refined sugars like corn syrup) instead use a small amount of honey for sweetener, and any of the other things that someone with Crohn's shouldn't be eating!

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    Thank you everyone for the suggestions and for the extra tips Ayanna. Trust me, before my operation, it was one heck of a painful ride but besides the slight digestive side effects I have every now and again (depending on what I eat), I've come through it pretty good. My friend told me they were relatively inexpensive to buy (the baby food that is), but I like the idea of making your own; so I'll be picking up a blender soon enough and giving it a try.

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    Hmm, well nice to see I'm not the only AB with Crohn's I can generally eat anything in moderation without causing many problems but this kind of gives me an excuse to try some baby food for the first time in ages :p

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