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    Really old shop near me (does very bad) has Pampers baby dry but they look extremely old.
    They had the smallest size and then one up from the smallest.
    I had a slight look and I think it looked like this Pampers-1998-05 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Would they fit me I was told the old ones are bigger better etc. I have a 32 inch waist with a belt but a I am sure 30inch would fit with no belt.

    I also have a huge butt :P (walking/running every day now used to be really skinny this summer has severely taken its toll)

    So should I go for them or am I just wasting my time ?

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    I'm sorry to say that I don't think they'll fit you. I remember those diapers quite well. They were my favorite. My waist is 30" right now. I think the last time I was able to fit into them, I had under a 28" waist. I might be wrong tho. You could get them to see. But I'm afraid that you wouldn't fit.

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    they most likely won't fit you and even if they do, they'll be tight. not to mention they are made to withold a baby's size urine and messes, not a teen's or adults.

    However you can easily sell the package for over 20 dollars on Ebay, especially if it's unopened. More so since it's size 6. Pampers baby dry size 6 was the first size 6 to the market at least the mainstream one here in the US.

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    If they are plastic you can resell them on ebay for a lot of money. Get them, they are very rare and I would hate to see them wasted on a baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperchu View Post
    If they are plastic you can resell them on ebay for a lot of money. Get them, they are very rare and I would hate to see them wasted on a baby.
    Yea I thought that its just my parents ya know but I am sure I could sell them without them knowing. I am not sure if they are size 6 but if it is there is two packets left might get them and modify them to fit and sell one packet only 5 for a whole packet to.

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    Get them for sure, just for the novelty. I had this happen a couple years ago in a small mountain town. The convenience store we stopped at still had packages of baby diapers from the 90's. I was with my parents at the time, so I couldn't buy them, but if I had the chance, I most certainly would have.

    They're pretty cheap too.

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    suppose I will then just need a day to safely do so !

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