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    I am living Copenhagen, Denmark this fall and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience buying diapers around the city. I've had no luck finding anything besides baby diapers everywhere I've checked. I'm not able to have anything delivered so I'm just looking for any in store suggestions.


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    Two choices; either you go to the Pharmacy, I'm pretty sure they have it (They do at the Stengade Pharmacy in Helsingør, Tena Slip, costs around 220 DKK), or you go to Malmö. Close to the railway station (about 200 meters), you'll find a shop called sopstationen (a place with antiques and stuff). They usually have a lot of diapers really cheap, at around 40 SEK per package.
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    No need to go all the way to Malmø.
    Most pharmacies should have a small selection, you just need to ask, I'm also told that Nørrebro Apotek (Nørrebrogade 8) even has packs adult diapers on display.
    Otherwise Sahva Care (Østerbrogade 80 and Amagerbrogade 53) should also have them in the store.

    There's also Junior og which is run by an AB/DL, they have a store at Vestre Strandvej 18 in Hvidovre, although I think you'll need to call them and set up an appointment to go to the store.

    However, for the most part, I just order from Save Express Sanitaetsfachhandel Discount Versand Weidlich Deutschland - They're cheap and delivery is reasonably fast (2-3 weekdays).

    Edit: Oh and, as for the reason that you can't find adult diapers in stores: Pretty much all incontinent people in denmark gets diapers on prescription, delivered to their home, paid by the state. So there's no market for having adult diapers in regular stores.

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