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Thread: pampers crusiers size 7

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    For a baby diaper, I am very suprised as far as absorbency goes. They can hold two or three medium wettings with no leaks.

    Sizing can be difficult. I'm curvy, so I really have to stretch the sides. Once you have the velcro tabs on the diaper, usually they stick well.

    They have a wonderful scent to them, too!

    I think they are an excellent baby diaper, but just be aware since they are intended for babies, they are small.

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    Prefect for a bay/toddler.
    Okay for a Bedwetting kid of 6 or less.
    Comedic for a teenager/adult to use.

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    Comfortable, incredibly stretchy, rather large, can handle an okay amount of liquid. Fun to sleep in, for me at least. And very cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deependh200 View Post
    good for stuffers.

    I really think there's not much difference between these and the 6's...not enough to matter anyway. I have both sizes of cruisers, and it might be like a half inch to an inch longer. They aren't "tall enough" for me - if they were, I'd have no problem with the waist - but the sides have to go around my thighs instead because they're short - since, ugh-dugh - they're for babies. I wouldn't expect them to fit. Heck, for height I even have issues with a lot of adult small size diapers, which would all fit my waist....this just accentuates that problem.

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    I wouldn't know. Never tried them...I think I may be too big anyways. I'm 150 lbs and 32 in. waist, so I'm assuming I wouldn't be able to Oh well.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I can't fit in them. They look like they'd be really good for actual toddlers, however.

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    I prefer size 6 better because thay are cheaper for stuffers. I like the luvs the best

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    They are the only baby diapers that will fit me, so I like them.

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