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    So I am in Florida and trying to wear diapers when out and about... I have yet to find a way. Every time I go out I am hot sweaty and miserable. Not to mention my diapers litterally clump up and disintigrate. Even in DRY24/7 they are clumping and leaking after 1 wetting. Oh I and I also have a medical need. I have been going without and have been miserably uncomfortable trying to hold it. To deal with my interstitial cystitus I have just been emptying my bladder as soon as I feel pain and with diapers I can lead a very normal life. Now I am pretty much trapped in my house and can't go outside because of the heat. I still have to bike 2 miles to my university several times a day. I am just so miserable.

    Anyway have any of you worn cloth in public. To me it sounds stupid because A. they would smell awful, B. obvious and bulky. Everybody also complains about how hot they are. Honestly I do not imagine how they could be any hotter than a Dry24/7. If I did have to be all sweaty at least a cloth diaper would not disintigrate and leave me with pee running down my leg! I am at a loss as to what to do I am becoming a recluse.

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    I live here in North Texas and I have been out and about everyday. I wear the Attends Breatheable's and they hold up good for me. In this hot weather

    I wear my panties for a diaper cover and works well for me. I made the the mistake of wearing plastic pants one day and had to change after I got home

    from pee and sweat. Also I have to walk wherever I go around where I live.

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    I've never had problems with hot weather, but then it's normally around 24 degrees celsius here in the summer, not 40 like Florida or Texas xD
    Have you tried another diaper brand? I have never had problems with Dry 24/7, but if that didn't work for you, you should try another brand and see if they are more comfortable in hot weather.

    I haven't tried cloth diapers before, and now you just gave me two good reasons not to..

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    disposable diapers can really be a nuisance in hot weather when you sweat a lot. They stick and clump badly. The plastic side and top rear panels that have no padding are just thin plastic and stick to my skin and tend to cause pimples.

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    I hate to even contemplate suggesting it but it might be worth trying cloth backed diapers instead. They're supposed to be breathable so that might help if you're really struggling due to the hot weather.

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    As cgh has pointed out, go for cloth backed disposables. Look for ones that claim to be breathable, and not just cloth covered. I know some are just plastic backed with cloth over, which would be no use to you, but others are specially made with cloth to keep it cooler. You will feel a cool, sticky feeling, and probably have a bigger chance of releasing a smell of pee once you have air going around your diaper though, so make sure you drink enough to make sure it doesn't smell too much. You fix one problem but create another.

    As for actual cloth diapers, yes they would be more absorbent than plastic backed disposables with your heat problems, however you have to wear plastic pants over them, so its going to get very hot and sweaty in there, and a good chance of rash from the heat.

    The weird thing is when I was living in Florida I never had issues with a number of plastic backed disposables including dry 24/7. Other than the occasional rash from the heat I was fine, and never noticed any real change in absorbency between being indoors where its cool and outdoors in summer heat.

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    A lot of diapers are getting a cotton outside in stead of a plastic(in Europe almost all diaper brands are changing to cotton). That really makes a difference as where the sweat can "breathe" threw the waist/hip bands. They also have a less destinctive crinkle than plastic covered diapers, so you can wear them without any shorts, which will make it a lot less warm. You should also try changing immediatly after wetting, that will eliminate extra heat, and more importantly, the moisture cant vaporize anymore.

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    Cloth covered are worse for me. I sweat and the sweat feels cold and it is like I peed my pants! I wore a terry towel and plastic pants. It was much better. If I sweat into a cloth diaper it does not fall apart. They are just so huge!

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    I hate hot weather, my new years resolution in 2006 was to never live south of the Mason-Dixon line ever again. I really wanna move far north, if i never sweat another day in my life i would have no problems with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverSmall View Post
    Cloth covered are worse for me. I sweat and the sweat feels cold and it is like I peed my pants! I wore a terry towel and plastic pants. It was much better. If I sweat into a cloth diaper it does not fall apart. They are just so huge!
    I just don't see why a diaper would fall appart because of some sweat, you are making it worse than it really is. Cloth covered diapers can't be worse, they are designed to cope with these problems. You are never going to be able to hide a cloth diaper under your clothes. And besides, you will need to cover it with a plastic pants, which will make it a sauna down there. A cloth covered diaper without any shorts over it, and I bet there are no problems with the heat.
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