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Thread: Favorite Horror Movie

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    Default Favorite Horror Movie

    Since the other thread is locked, due to inactivity, I decided to start one for only horror movies!!

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    Evil dead 1, 2 and Army Of Darkness (Evil Dead 3).

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    Though maybe not really a horror movie, The Shining. I loved that movie. For the most part though, I strongly dislike horror movies. I find them disturbing and simply unpleasant to watch.

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    Depends what type of horror.

    Most horror films from Japan nowadays are really well done, one of my favorites is a film called "Hypnosis".

    Blair witch project is also noticeable for the shit bricks ending, along with some of the old clasics. The original friday the 13th (Arrowhead through the neck!), Friday the 13th, Halloween, etc...

    I just love horror.

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    Mostly Halloween, Friday the Thirteenth, Pet Semetary, Childs Play, Nightmare on Elm Street, and the grandaddy of them all, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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    I like weird horror movies.

    I recently saw a movie called Teeth that was reaaaaaaaaally creepy; but at the same time hilarious.

    I saw a movie called Funny Games that I liked so much; I went out and bought

    But my favorite would have to be Planet Terror.
    Even though it wasn't too scary; I loved it.

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    My favorite horror movie, just in terms of movies in general, is the original Night of the Living Dead, hands down, because it's one of my favorite movies of any kind. Incidentally, I'm going to see a play adaptation of that tonight, which kind of disappointed me when I found out it existed, because I had hoped to be the one to write it.

    My favorite creepy horror movie is probably Frailty. There really aren't that many horror movies that creep me out, though I still love them, but that one did. Great little movie.

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    I think the classic ones are much better than the newer ones. The ones from the 70s and 80s are less based on torture and pain than the modern day ones, and though the old movies often come across as lame and funny, I still like them more than their bloody modern day equivalents. I also find that some of the older films have a much better plot than the new ones. In general though, I guess I just don't really like horror movies.

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    The Devil Rejects, House of 100 Corpse, New Nightmare, The Hatchet, Blair Witch Project and the Crow series.

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