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    Default Special Announcement!

    I know that some may not like this and some may judge. Some may even say who cares. But I consider this site my family, you all are just so nice and supportive of me. So I want to explain.

    I'm seventeen years old. I live at home with my parents and younger brother. For the past year I've been with a wonderful guy. I have known this news for about two months, but I just wanted to let you guys know as well. This is partially why I've also been missing, other than the break I took because I was having identity issues. I'm pregnant. I'm about three months along.

    Yes, I am young. Yes I have become a statistic. But I plan to finish high school and go to college. No baby is a mistake and I wouldn't change it for the world. It'll be hard, but I know I can do it.

    I will continue to be on here to write and talk. This won't change this part of my life. If anything, this'll just mean maybe I'll have a little more knowing of diapers? I doubt any of you care, but I just wanted to tell you guys. Much love, Jasmine and Bambino.

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    Congratulations. Now I hope you and the child's father plan to get married. Your child deserves all the advantages you can give him or her, including an intact, two-parent family.

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    Astra, I appreciate your concern but as of now we are not getting married. We are going to be living together but I don't believe in getting married just because you get pregnant. We will get married in the future, but not until the baby is old enough to be apart of the wedding, like when they'd be able to walk on their own and be able to behave at a wedding. Which will not even be for a few years, but marriage is in the cards. It always has been. Thank you for the support. =)

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    let me add my Congratulations also. I hope you two have the support of you familys.
    A baby is a lot of work and a lot of expense. School will be tough but hang in there it's all worth it.

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    congrats on being happy and I wish you a happy and healthy life and baby

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    Congrats on becoming a soon-to-be mother. I hope everything goes well with the pregnancy. Just bear in mind that you should not have to go this alone. I hope the father is and will continue to be part of the whole picture, as it is partially his responsibility too. I hope he is and will continue to be supportive of you through this. I hope he will be there to help you with the baby and your finishing of school. I don't know the whole situation, so that why I said 'I hope'.

    Anyhow, what's done is now done, so don't worry yourself about being a statistic. Move forward and live to prove you can do what you said you can do. Good luck!

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    Default Special Announcement!

    Up the duff, are we? Congratulations! ^_^

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    Congratulations that's so exciting! I know you'll be an amazing mom!

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    Congratulations, Jasmine! Babies are amazing. Being a parent is amazing, too, but it is also hard work! (I speak from experience.) If your family and friends are supportive, definitely take advantage of that as much as possible. Finish high school and go to college. It's hard to regret having a baby when you're holding it in your arms, but it's never hard to regret missed opportunities.

    I respect your decision not to rush into marriage. Marrying young puts you on the fast track to becoming another kind of statistic, and you're better off focusing on baby and school. That will be enough, believe me!

    Very best wishes! Of course, we all look forward to more news.

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    Congratulations. That said, I hope you will have a network of support coming from both parents and friends. Being a mother and continuing your education will be difficult and exhausting, but many have done it. When my wife and I moved to Lynchburg, she got a job as a special ed. teacher, but she did not have her degree in special ed. and she needed a Masters. We all pitched in while she taught at school, took classes at night, and was the mother to our three children, one who was one and a half, the other, four, and our adopted nephew who was twelve. It can be done, with some help from family. I wish you the best.

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