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    I don't know where to post this but:

    I want to know why is it such a BIG DEAL that there is segregation between males and females when using bathrooms? It shouldn't matter. I read stories online about one LARGE bathroom being used by both men and woman in different countries but in America it isn't known of. Why are Americans so private of this?

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    I suppose it started way back in some "Proper" era.
    Myself all I have known is single sex bathrooms and I don't know if I would be comfortable in a unisex.

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    Maintains an image for women whereby they don't have to acknowledge they go to the 'bathroom'. That you call it a 'bathroom' is enforcing that point. In Australia we call them public toilets- because that's what they are. You don't see bath tubs in restaurants do you?

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    Hmm Back in my place things like unisex bathroom will NOT going to happen. Why? Because a high moral standards simple as that.

    PS: I actually surprised that USA hasn't been so open about it.

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    I would think as long as there weren't open urinals for men it wouldn't be too bad. But I suspect the women don't want men to see the other things they do in there.. primping, etc., plus nursing babies.

    That being said, sometimes you see a pair of "one-holers" (restroom for one person at a time) designated one for men, one for women. They are identical (though sometimes, for little reason I can see, there is a urinal AND a potty in the men's) and they can be locked... To me it would make sense for both of them to be open to both, that way a man wouldn't have to wait for the men's to be free and vice versa.
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    The way all of our building and health codes are in the US it'll never happen.

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    The real question is why change the status quo. You get a slight increase in packing efficiency and throughput with the cost being some outraged mother on CNN screaming about it and probably a high number of people uncomfortable with the idea (change in general is not a comfortable thing).

    As to why there is such an issue over it (it's largely the same in Canada) .. it's just one of those things people hear from a young enough age that they are in many cases actually incapable of not having a negative reaction to. Change in that area is really hard and takes a long time, and as said above, there is very little motivation to make the attempt...

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    So it is true that this is happens in other countries?

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    Some of it has to do with the idea that "men have penises, and girls have vaginas; therefore, let's segregate them so no one has to deal with anything awkward like urinals or sanitary napkin dispensers."

    In this day and age, gender is so fluid that it causes a lot of people grief when they can't fit into one bathroom or the other. I agree that there should be more acceptance to allow more bathrooms open to ANYONE who needs to go, because let's face it, when you need to go you NEED to go.

    In my opinion, awareness is one step, action is another. The changes are being made WAY too excruciatingly, but they are being made. It doesn't alleviate my anxiety, though. I can't think of anything more awkward than being called out as your biological sex, and then being questioned/looked at in a way that says "you are not welcomed here." Too many people forget that restrooms are nothing more than a place to go when you need to.

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