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    How many of you are coffee drinkers? Do you like going to a coffee shop, like Starbucks, Gloria Jeans or a local shop in your area or do you like staying at home to make it? Do you have a normal coffee pot or a single cup maker like Keurig makes? How do you like it, straight up, sugar only, cream only or with cream & sugar? Do you like it hot or cold?

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    In your case, would you prefer Iceyed Coffee?

    I enjoy coffee quite a bit.

    If I am at home I grind the beans fresh and use a coffee maker without a warmer plate because as little as 10 minutes on a heat source can alter/ruin the pot.

    If I drink fast food coffee I'll add cream and sugar that I feel are unnecessary with a better grade product.
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    interesting thread, I have my coffee flat white style, and enjoy a good sipon coffee. For standard pressed espresso coffee, I make it at home, reserve outings for the siphon, as the gear to make the coffee costs a bit, and you require really good beans to get the most of a siphon

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    E gads Smith, don't reveal your time travel on the internet!

    I didn't know anyone used a siphon since DaVinci brought it in vogue.

    Seriously though, I think a french press is a wonderful way to make coffee except for the set up and subsequent clean up. I can't imagine using a more convoluted method

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    In my city we have lots and lots of coffee shops. I don't drink it at home because it doesn't wake me up, but I do drink it at local shops that make fancy iced coffees because it taste good.

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    I love coffee. At home I have straight black, except my first cup of the day in which I have one sugar. I just drink whatever my mum buys at home, I don't have a choice, but my dad wants to buy a Kitchen Aid coffee maker.... Primarily because he can.

    When I'm out I drink espresso.

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    If I'm drinking coffee it's iced. I'm really more of a tea drinker but I'm not much of a hot drink person anyway.

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    To me coffee is just "Joe"
    I have what we call a drippalater. Put the coffee in a basket in the middle pour boiling water in a tank on topand it drips down into a pot on the bottom. Sort of like a non-electric Mr Coffee. The nice thing is if the power fails I still have coffee.
    This pot was the one my parents started housekeeping with and is over 60 years old. It has been in use every day.
    I don't care for the fancy coffees. Every now and then I buy bean coffee and grind it myself but most of the time I use Maxwell House.
    I drink it strong and black.

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    I like coffee but I have to dilute it. I use lots of suger and cream in it because black coffee just doesn't taste good to me. I also enjoy it nice and hot just to warm me up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    If I am at home I grind the beans fresh and use a coffee maker without a warmer plate because as little as 10 minutes on a heat source can alter/ruin the pot.

    Ditto. With a large thermos to hold the contents after its done brewing.

    We've also got the Keurig, expresso maker, et al.

    Nothing quite like that first fresh cup in the morning. Like now.

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