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    I was at my freinds house with a couple of my other freinds and 2 of them were talking then one of them called to me as a joke do you like diapers I just went along with it saying like"where do you get these questions from" then one of my best freinds who was the other one I the conversation said "that could be true" he said this cause I've done things with diapers before like darling his twin brother Tom to wear a diaper (and he did) and other things less exiting but I just thought it was funny they stumbled upon my true fetish hahah ( the girls very trust worthy and unjudgemental and if she actually though tht was my fetish she wouldn't of said it by the way)...... Also on another note tht last story was kind of old it happened like 2 weeks ago but this happened just tonight that same girl that was from the story said my hair cut made me look like a cute little boy not meaning it literally as it sounds though (not to me sel centered but I am good looking and look a little younger but I'm 16) and I had to act I didnt like that but I secretly liked it and wanted to tell her my fetish

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    If you keep using that much punctuation you're bound to be caught someday.

    I doubt that they have any clue. We just tend to pick up on these sort of statements because they're on our radar. Just today a guy in my parents' church made the comment "oh, looks like Cygnus has regressed back to the nursery." Sure, it sounds like an AB type claim, but it was just a comment from a person.

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    PROTIP: use periods.

    If I am understanding correctly, then I don't think anyone knows about your fetish. It sounded like you played it off pretty cool and people generally don't figure stuff like this out on their own.

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