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Thread: Scary movies are funny? O.O

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    Default Scary movies are funny? O.O

    who here has seen what are considered "horror" movies but laughed the whole movie through? what made you laugh? what are some movies?
    also this can apply to serious movies

    my example is i saw the movie Quarantine tonight.. i laughed the whole movie! also or in Snakes on a Plane i can't watch that movie without laughing..

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    House of 1000 corpses, the devils rejects, every Halloween movie... yep, they're all pretty much gut-busters. LOL! Gut-busters!

    Hooray! I inspired a thread!

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    Saw V. I saw it tonight, we almost didn't get in! We bought tickets for another movie and were going to sneak in, but we saw that there were 4 POLICE MEN! Checking IDs and stubs! We got our tickets refunded and bought the corect tickets with my friend's fake ID. It worked too! We got in, but it was pretty risky!

    It was a pretty sick movie! But no doubt was it funny! People can be so stupid!

    I like haunted houses, I like to go first in the group and get the most excitement. I can't help but laugh when the actors get stabbed or some shit... But I hate when one of my friends holds my shirt and walks behind me! I usually punch them...

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    Jason vs. Freddy, now that's a comedy. When I was little I was soo afraid of scary movies and I conqured my fear jus by laughing at the gory scenes then eventually I gotten use to horror movies.

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    I even made up a slogan for the funny horror movies:

    "I'm gown -kill- you."

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    Army of Darkness and Shaun of the Dead if either of those count...sorta horror/comedy flicks to start with though

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    Quote Originally Posted by TB29 View Post
    Army of Darkness and Shaun of the Dead if either of those count...sorta horror/comedy flicks to start with though
    Evil dead 1/2 and Army of Darkness were horror movies but they are seen as more comedic now but the fan cult of ot which i am now a new member of.

    As for Shaun of the dead its a romantic comedy with zombies.

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    House of 1000 corpses, the devils rejects and the hatchet are the only horror movies I ever watch while laughing.

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    Well, Snakes On A Plane was an awful movie, so I pretty much laughed the whole through that. As far as horror movies go, I laughed pretty hard during Friday the 13th at certain parts. Half of that was due to slight nervous/edginess, but the other half had to do with the fact that the movie was very stupid and predictable at times.

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    Oh man, time to bring out my movie buff-ness....

    I've found that some of the best horror movies that really freak you out are the ones from japan. as far as funny ones, well... most of the old horror films haven't aged well, since what was scary back in the 80's (Nightmare on elm street, Friday 13th, Halloween, and general slasher flicks in general) is rather laughable by todays standards. Horror films nowadays have basically branched off into a new genre of "torture". (Hostel and Saw comes to mind).

    Still, It is rather hillarious to see horror films from the 80's. eyeballs was a good squeamish trick to pull off, since people regularly had their eyes pop out, etc, and its always funny to see the "bad" special effects nowadays.

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