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    Default US changing places

    This may be more appropriate in the incontinent section, but because it is aimed more broadly at all diaper wearers I put it here. For those of you unaware, there a restrooms from an organization around the country in the UK called "changing places". They are special large bathrooms for very special needs people. They include lifts etc. But they also include an adult, height adjustable changing table for those who need diapers. I'm curious to know if there is anything like this in the States or any organizations currently pushing for them that anyone knows of. If there aren't, there should be. Maybe the AB/DL/IC community could give back by starting a push for these around the country.

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    I havent seen any of thoughs any where in florida. although they should have thm.n

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    I'm not sure but the ADA probably covers that area in the act but I'm not familar with that part of the act. I know back arond 25 yrs ago I was an electician

    on a new elementry school construction when that law came out and was only concerned with the electric part of it. I've been in the public bathrooms

    at fairly new medical facility here but haven't paid any attention for that.

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    Default US changing places

    As far as I know, the ADA only covers the very basic needs in a special needs bathroom, and can simply be a large stall that is handicap accessible. This does very little to help those with embarrassing conditions like incontinence or severely disabled adults and children who need assistance either using the toilet or changing diapers.

    They've done a great job with the changing places in the UK. We need to bring those here. Even just having private assisted care or special needs bathrooms would be a great start. I think this is something that those who are experienced writers or business people could really help with. I'm happy to lead the project if others are willing to get involved. We could provide some basic form letters so people can send them to local governments and businesses with ease, just fill in the blank. We'd be helping our community as well as making life a little better for a lot of individuals.

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    The closest thing I've seen to these in the states are what's called "family restrooms"? It's a large, standalone restroom that can accommodate multiple people (like the members of a family) at one time, and usually has a toilet as well as a large changing table. So, for example, if you had two young kids--and one was diapered while the other was toilet trained--you all could go in at once and the older child could use the toilet while the younger one was being changed. Lots of diaper users and AB/DLs use family restrooms for changing in public.

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    Most family restrooms are also designed to accommodate disabled and special needs people.

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    Default US changing places

    I've both seen and used the family ones. They are pretty rare though and I haven't ever seen a big table in one. Usually they just have a normal sized table for a baby. I've never seen one big enough for a special needs person.

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    Theres a changing table/station for adults in a airport in Arizona somewhere. I think in one of the bigger or biggest ones there. Either way I don't think it's a big enough issue for it to see wide use.

    plus you should see studies about how dirty changing stations are. floor's are normally wiped down with bleach and really well working cleaning solutions likely on a daily basis.

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    Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, AZ has one.

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    I really don't think that any of the corporations here will even lend an ear to anything like that in the states. The States these days are all about what little we can give for the most money we can get. For example look at a can of vegetables... I noticed for awhile now that there's less and less listed contents inside of those cans these days. Not all public retail stores have bathrooms necessarily. I honestly don't think its going to happen anytime soon unless the government steps in and passes some sort of law telling retail stores and such to have to better accommodate to special needs people. Otherwise it's not gonna happen.

    Yes, I have about that much faith in businesses and corporations.

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