Last November, or early last December, I announced I'd be trying Dry 24/7 diapers as a replacement for Abena. I said then that I'd report back after a good trial.

Enough time and "tests" have been made that I can offer a fair assessment now. I have concluded that 24/7's are a practical and effective diaper.
In the last 10 months I have not experienced a single leak.
I wear them everywhere, during all kinds of activities and so far it's all been good.
I sometimes wet in bed, sleeping on my side, and so far it's all been good.
The "stuffing" does not break down, like with every other diaper, when I am very active.
I can actually wear for 12 hours without leaking.
The cost, per diaper, is high, but the cost per day is low.
Their quality control is good. I've never had a bad diaper, not yet, anyhow.

On the negative side, it's quite a bit to wear. The diapers create pressure between my legs for the thickness of the stuffing
Also, while I've had good luck with some tapes, others have not adhered well. That is a common issue with all diapers, in my experience.

I've found, finally, a practical and effective diaper. I hope other manufacturers take up the competitive challenge and improve their products.