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Thread: "No Disk in Drive" help (hell's Highway problem)

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    Default "No Disk in Drive" help (hell's Highway problem)

    I spent a long time downloading Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway for PC, its 6GBs, and I installed it, everything's fine- But it doesn't run, because it wants the disk in the physical drive, and I mounted the ISO on a virtual drive. SO, my question is- any idea how to get around this? I don't have any DVDs, either.

    If I missed any information, you can either PM me or just post it on here.


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    Well if I were you I would go buy some blank DVD disks and download the file onto the disk and try it in the computer drive, heres how to do it, 1.if you have a cd burner on your PC go to the program called "My Computer" or "Computer" and look for the file there. 2.once you find the file add it to the burn list or move it to the program Video Maker(It depends if you have this program or not) 3. look under file and go to Open and when you find that file open it or right click the folder and click on add to "burn list", when all this has been done, insert the DVD and click "start burn"

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    Or you can get a nocd crack from gamecopyworld.
    I told you so Grizz.

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    Grizzy, my personal suggestion would be to immediately delete it and retain your good opinion of the series.

    The original Brothers in Arms games were outstanding. This one is just awfully disappointing and glitchy-as-sin.

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    Simplest solution:

    1) Buy Game
    2) Insert CD
    3) Install
    4) !!!
    5) Game!

    1) Don't buy game
    2) !!!
    3) Save cash!

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    I dunno about that game, but for Sims2, for the expansion packs I don't own (either borrowed from someone else, or whatever) I have a file called sd4hide.exe that hides the fact I have virtual drives mounted (using Alcohol120).

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    Third Option:

    1) Don't buy game
    2) Download Game
    3) !!!
    4) Save Cash
    5) Game
    6) Profit

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