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    Does anyone in the community watch Michael meyers movies A.K.A Halloween movies.
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    Yes. I make fun of them all the time. In fact, that's how the concept of "Happy time" came to be.

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    I think I can safely say this thread is going to derail in less than 3 pages.

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    I say 2 pages, remember this adisc after all...anyway I always wanted to get his mask and wear it for Halloween.

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    You guys already did derail this thread!

    Anyway yeah I love those movies, kinda corny though.

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    All you need is a William Shatner mask, fake knife ,and a blue mechanic suit=Michael Meyers Costume. But anyway Ive been watching these movies all day, I like all of them especially Halloween:The Curse of Michael Meyers, this movie in the halloween series has got to be the most bloodiest, most violent I have ever seen like in the last part where they are in that back room of the psycho ward, where Tommy Doyle cracks Michaels skull open with that pipe, that was pretty intense.

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    I have watched then and there not too bad of a movie, to me some parts are scary. There were even a couple times I would dream about him coming after me.

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