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    Yeah I am still getting used to all the you know wearing diapers, sucking on a pacifier and bottle stuff. I have gotten comfortable with him doing it and stuff. It's just still diffrent. He tells me he feels ,more comfortable in Diapers. Now he wants me to do it and I don't think I am ready for that... But I love to hear your guyes experience on it.

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    Well I did the same thing, I had to sit down with him and point out that I was open to his doing these things but that it would take time before I would be ready (if ever) to do this myself. He was cool about that, and I would once and a while put on a diaper for him before bed. I just had to get used to the idea of myself doing it. You have to know that I personally have no fetish, and did not know about this community before I meet DF.

    Though another thing you are going to have to sit down with him about is that while you may some day wear and even have fun in is this world, you do not share the fetish. This is to say that he can not forget about your needs in the relationship when it comes to both emotional and physical. This is the part that I have the most trouble with because if you do not make these things clear you may start to question if it is you or the diaper that he likes. Right now you know it is you because you are not in the object, just make sure to draw the line in the sand as to be you meet.

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    Welcome to ADISC, baby_mike_luvr! Just read your thread in Diaper Talk, and thought I remembered an intro but couldn't recall if I replied. Good to have you here with us. That's really nice for you to try out something new, wearing a diaper, with baby mike and not be turned off in anyway. He's fortunate to have someone so understanding.


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    Welcome to the site,

    Mike is a really lucky person to have someone like you,

    It's hard for me to tell you how and what due to the fact that I've had these feelings a lifetime as apposed to being introduced to them by someone else. Sorry, I wish I could help you.

    Hope you can find the answers you need/want.

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    First and foremost, welcome to the site.
    Secondly, it's plenty helpful that you are being supportive. It takes a very special person to have that kind of mindset, especially in a relationship. It's completely normal for you to be uncomfortable doing those things. Even people with the fetish would be uncomfortable wearing a diaper infront of someone for the first time. Things just take time. If eventually you feel like you want to try it out then go ahead and do so. I mean it couldn't hurt right? He obviously trusts you. If you never feel comfortable doing so. Explain this to him. When a person opens their heart to another person the main feeling the tend to feel is anxiety. Let him know it's not him you are worried about, you're just uncomfortable. I'm sure you know most of this. Just expressing my point of view.
    Good luck and welcome to adisc.

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