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Thread: son of a... (Graphics card issue)

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    Default son of a... (Graphics card issue)

    for a month now windows 7 quit working and I had it rooted down to being a bad sector on my hard disk. So tonight in trying to get the bad sector fixed, what ends up happening is ubuntu (a bootable DVD of it) hangs/freezes when trying to format it to EXT3. After that I reset the PC by flipping the power switch on the back once off, then back on.

    Well at some point during this process the 8800GT either overheated or shorted out since it's artifact badly upon the cold start. i'm hoping it's not finally dead but if it is it's gave me a few good years of service.

    Plus my computer is all 'ancient". 2GB ram, 2.2 ghz AMD dual core CPU and came with a 320GB hard drive. the only thing I did was throw in the 8800GT and a new PSU to support it. For the last 2 years it was all going wonderfully despite it showing it's age in certain area's and thats not factoring in the card was installed in like 2008 or so and the PC is from 2006.

    So I really shouldn't feel this upset about it. Though I think it's more in line with the fact I can't do anything to fix it and even if I do, it's still going to "suck" more. Also that fact I can't play many of the best games in my steam account.

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    some graphics cards come with 3 year warranty. maybe you can get it replaced, especially if it overheated. They are not meant to do that

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    the GPU is older then 3 years, but it is a EVGA card.

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    ah true did not read correctly, looks like new gpu, or just save up for new gaming pc

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    EVGA has a lifetime warrenty don't they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanatos View Post
    EVGA has a lifetime warrenty don't they?
    I think only if you sign up for it and i don't think I did. I remember sending in the UPC to get a rebate for it however, anyways I just cobbled together a newegg wishlist of a new rig i'll be posting now to get thoughts on it. (Made a new topic with thoughts for a new rig.)
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