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Thread: Needing to wear at College ??

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    Default Needing to wear at College ??

    Are you a bedwetter or someone who needs diapers while at college/University ?? Are you nervous of who they will room you with ?

    I have thought for quite a while, that if you approach student services, you can check with housing dept, and get yourself put with a fellow bedwetter. Sometimes they put bedwetters in their own room. Well, I get to thinking 2 is better than 1, so why not see if there are others around.

    Has anyone tried this, had any luck in locating other bedwetters while at school ???

    I am not in school, just a topic I thought up

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    I do it much more as a hobby than a lifestyle and haven't wet the bed since I was like 4 so that's not quite necessary for me.

    But it might work, wouldn't hurt to check in with the school! Needing diapers at college could be very traumatizing and embarassing and it would be much easier to not have to worry about a closed-minded roommate.

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    I'm not a bedwetter, but I was in the Halls of Residence (basically a dorm) during my first year. That was something I thought about with being in another room with someone else and bedwetting. In New Zealand I know that most rooms in Halls of Residences and dorms are usually single rooms for one person. In a few cases where some people share a room, it is for the experience and everything. So usually the manager of the Halls or the dorm will want to match the right people to solve any problems. So I would imagine that it is quite possible to be matched up with someone who is also a bedwetter if someone else was a bedwetter.

    Flatting while in University is awesome though That's what I'm currently doing - and for those who bedwet or are ABDLs, or both, it makes it so much easier! (mostly). As most flatmates "generally" respect privacy.

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    I lived alone during senior year, and ordered ABU Super Dry Kids just for giggles. I even did a pretty good job of hiding my pack returning from winter break!

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    I work in the student services office of a large university here in the states. Many (most colleges) recognize bedwetting/incontinence as a disability (or recognized medical condition, which it absolutely is) and thus go out of their way to accommodate a student with such a condition. This would include providing a single dorm room or matching the student with a roommate who has the same condition. All the student would have to do is contact student services and request special medical accommodations, and the school will usually adhere.

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    I'm incontinent and wear diapers 24/7 for it. I let my college know about it, and they've given me a single room every semester. One of the perks of being incontinent, I guess. :P

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    Convergence, have you thought about maybe getting, or looking into getting a room with someone else who also needs ? Tried ? Success, failed ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DONeill73 View Post
    Convergence, have you thought about maybe getting, or looking into getting a room with someone else who also needs ? Tried ? Success, failed ?
    Well, no, because I'm kind of a loner and like having my own space. I think if something like that were to work, there would have to be another incontinent person who requested rooming with another person. I bet there are some other incontinent people on my campus, so I could probably try that and maybe get paired up with one...but I like my own room. :P

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