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Thread: My experience with Dry 24-7

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    Default My experience with Dry 24-7

    A bit disappointed here...

    On September 24th, I placed an order with them for a sample of their medium diaper, as I'd only seen one in person (belonged to someone else), but had not yet actually tried one myself. The next day, the $5 was debited from my bank account.

    Fast forward a week, and I hadn't gotten anything from them other than an order confirmation email. It states on their website that they provide a tracking number within 24 hours, so I sent them an email asking for one, and requested an update on my order status. Four days later (now going on two weeks from the order date), I get a generic USPS tracking email (with no reference to what the package is, who shipped it, or anything) stating that the package was delivered some days prior. Aside for the generic tracking email (which I can only assume was sent by them???), they never replied to my email themselves to state anything like "here is the tracking number you requested", or "it shows that you should've already received the package, even though you say you haven't".

    At the time I emailed them for a tracking number, stating that I had yet to receive my order, the tracking number sent to me said it had already been delivered. In other words, they disregarded the fact that my order was lost or stolen.

    To date, they have not responded to several emails asking to work with me to locate my order. I attempted to call them once, and left a message, but I never got a return call.

    Sure, it's only $5, but I'm dismayed by the lack of customer service. I was really interested in trying these diapers myself, and probably would've given them significant business, but I can't support a company that does not return phone calls and emails. Good thing I'm only out $5, and hadn't spent more on a case.

    Color me disappointed.

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    Strange. I'm not sure what to tell you about that -- when I ordered a sample pack over the summer it came just a few days later. Since then I've ordered 3 cases with no problems. I'm actually wearing one right now . These are really good diapers. I think it's just a fluke, but that still sucks. I wouldn't give up on them, though.

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    That is why I hate the USPS. Their tracking never works. I always order things FedEx or UPS... much more reliable.

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    That's not quite what I wanted to hear. I ordered a case of them last night, it would be my first time trying them and I guess I should have been smart and tried a sample, but $75 for a case of 72, I just couldn't pass that up especially if they are supposed to be equal to Abena's.

    I'll keep you all posted on how well they ship and how they are. From reading what you guys have said i'm hoping i'm not out $75.

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    I ordered a case from them for LuvsGurl last week... they arrived right on time... I wouldn't be too concerned.

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    I have to say that I am not happy either. I have ordered samples on Oct 20 and haven't gotten an email with a track number or the product yet either.......Not Happy.

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    the tracking number comes from UPS. if you just order a sample, i think they send it through the regular postal service, so you don't get a tracking number.

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    I ordered a case from them 2 weeks ago and still have not recieved it..............

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    Hmm.. whenever I'd order a sample from these guys I'd usually receive it within just a couple of days.

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