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Thread: Anyone else go to a gym?

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    Default Anyone else go to a gym?

    I've had a membership to 24 hour fitness for years, my dad got a contract with them back when I was 6 and due to it being grandfathered in. He and I only pay 5 dollars per month for full access to 24 hour fitness. Before they closed down one of the two gyms here we could only use that. Afterwards, our memberships became full access to every 24 hour fitness, at least here in the US.

    Yesterday and today I biked a few miles to the gym, swam for a hour and a half then rode back home.

    So, anyone else attend gym's and if so whats your favorite workout?

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    I have off and on. Right now I don't, as for the past few months I have just been doing Insanity at home, or this summer I have been running (5-7 miles) or biking (35-50) daily. That or swimming the ocean, always fun to swim out to the buoy a follow the cost for a mile or so, and swimming in the ocean is a phenomenal workout. Weather here is too good to warrant going inside to workout. Besides, I live close to the beach.

    When I do go, I like to use the resistance Machines and weights the best, or the pool. I love swimming.

    I can't stand running in a gym or biking in a gym.

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    Default Anyone else go to a gym?

    I have a membership, but haven't been in ages because I damaged a ligament in my ankle, and it's only just getting back to 100%. I normally run, cycle and row. If I can be bothered, I'll do 5k of each. Not that I could do that at my current fitness level, lol.

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    I used to use Fitness 19, but I just use my school gym now for weight lifting with the football team.
    Favorite workouts are bench press, EZ Bar Curl, Modular Arm Curl, Seated Leg Press, etc.
    Most of my workout are upper body. I love getting bulked up and building up my biceps and triceps.

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    Heyo! I have a cousin who trains me, so I pretty much get every part of my body worked evenly.

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