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Thread: When will this fox stop buying subwoofers!?!

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    Default When will this fox stop buying subwoofers!?!

    Yes folks, its that time again, I bought more!
    The latest subwoofer is a friggen beast, a Fi SSD 15" Dual-2ohm BEAST!
    12-spoke cast frame!
    1600W RMS Handling!
    94.3db 1w/1m Sensitivity!
    weighing in at a beastly 48.11lb!
    Standing in at 14.3in! its tall!!!
    and completed and topped off with a 6.8cu.ft. box @ 35hz!
    I've outdone it, and its getting a Power Acoustik PA3000DB amp!!!
    yes, im going deaf now :3
    should be here by next Wednesday I hope! (yea yea yea, just bought it!)

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    forgot to mention its got a double stacked 160oz magnet (thats 20lb of magnet!) and its a 3" diameter 8-layer coil :3

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    which woofer shall be next? A MTX Jackhammer? :P

    In all seriousness though, Nice subs.

    Once I get a job I plan on building a wall of woofers, just to piss my parents off and crank my music mwuhahaha.

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    naw, dont want an mtx jackhammer, dont got 7,500$ to blow on it, rather would get a car :P

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    Jackhammers are pricey ($11,000 new) but they are nice.

    I already got a car, which will probably get two 15 inch subs =D

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    So... what exactly is the point of all this audio overkill?

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