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    Has anyone worn a disposable diapers under their normal clothes while their wife or partner was also at home without it being detected.if so we're you nervous about being found out or excited that you could wear without detection and which brand and observance do you recommend.

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    I wear mine under my normal jeans or pants every day. I also wear my shirts out. I don't have a wife or partner but I wear into stores everyday. I try to be

    dry when I start out but I might pee when I have to. If my diaper was soaked or sagging I would change before hand.

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    I do all the time. My girlfriend know and accept it. But she's the only one that know.
    She say it's a little visible depending on the type of pants I wear, mainly on the butt near the crotch.
    But I was in diapers in school from college tru university, that's more than 10 years of wearing in public intensly. Never had a problem.

    I wear apropriate diapers that are not too thick and tuck the top part of the diaper down my waistband in case my shirt rise, so my diaper won't show up. You need to change often, so the diaper don't leak or sag and become apparent.

    Now with cloth covered diapers, it's easy, but back then, they where all plastic and noisy. It was harder to hide. A quicked classroom was a nightmare to walk in.

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    Yes I do, even in bed with wife sometimes and she doesn't notice!!

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