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Thread: What kind of HS do you go to?

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    Default What kind of HS do you go to?

    So I am wondering what the percentage of people here go to a private high school (religious, or boarding school) versus a public high school? From what I have been told, kids are much more mature in private schools, though some people have told me the complete opposite. I've had a great experience here (a private, boarding school) and I'm wondering what all of your experiences are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baseball4life View Post
    From what I have been told, kids are much more mature in private schools, though some people have told me the complete opposite.

    <--- Augustinian, Private, All-boys.

    I'll let other people be the judge of me.

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    Attending public highschool.
    There are a couple of private religious schools in our town. One of them only goes through grades K-8, then the students go to the public highschool.

    The other, well, I heard the kids are no different there compared to the public highschool.
    I don't plan on changing, since I have one year left ahead of me and I'm so outta there!

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    A public Junior High. Didn't want to wait 2 yrs before I could post in this thread.

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    I went to public high school and I like to think I turned out okay . High school was a lot of fun, especially doing all the band stuff I did.

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    I went to public schools my whole life...I think home school kids miss out on some things, but they tell me they are just as social as public school kids

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    Private school here. I love it, and wouldn't even consider going to a public school at this point. Not that there's anything wrong with public schools... I just love my school too much to want to go anywhere else.

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    The student body of the public HS I attended in Baltimore tended to be more mature than other schools in the city's education system.

    First of all, it was and still is a school specializing in Engineering, and most students planned to go on to college for an Engineering degree. Passing grade there is 70%. Everyone attending was to behave like a gentlemen (it was all male at the time, but since has become co-ed) and wear button down shirts with neckties. Teachers would not even allow you to take a test if no necktie, so, in a humerous way, they usually had a desk drawer full of wild looking ties for a student to borrow to take their test. That tradition has been in existence since the school was started in the 1880's and continues to this day. Baltimore City has an open door policy with regards to high school attendance - you can choose whatever school you wish to attend. So kids who choose Poly, as the school is called, know what's expected of them academically and personally before they decide.

    Secondly, the students were allowed to self govern themselves through a Student Advisory Board that the student body elected each year. If school rules were broken you appeared before the SAB to plead your case. If guilty, some type of *punishment* was meted out. It helped keep students out of the principal's office unless they were chronic rule breakers or commited something very serious to warrant the principal's taking action. It worked pretty well, and kids who did end up facing the SAB for rule infractions rathered doing that than sitting in the office wondering what was going to happen to them.

    Pram was always a good boy, and never appeared before the board.


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    Footed P.J.


    I went to four private high schools. The only one where I saw any maturity in the students and organisation in the employees was a Catholic high school of about 700. If I could do it again, I'd either go back to that school or go public.

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