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Thread: Cheaper diapers with prescription?

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    Default Cheaper diapers with prescription?

    I was thinking the other day.. Does it it exists prescription (low cost) for diapers in other countries? Yesterday I got two cases (8 packs) of diapers home delivered for just $14 after I ordered with a prescription. It would have cost me like $30 for one pack without...

    But this is not just for diapers, if you buy a non-prescription product (allergy pills for example) in a pharmacy, you will pay like 60% more if you don't have that product on prescription.

    Is it something similar in other countries? Or does the insurance cover the expenses? Is it maybe cheaper for children or young adults with incontinence? Or cheaper for families with low income? Or none??

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    In the UK you can get an NHS (state-provided healthcare) prescription for a health complaint and be prescribed over-the-counter drugs (or an appliance/device/whatever) as well as ones that require a doctor's approval. The standard prescription charge is about 7, I think, but you can get a "yearly pass" where you pay one fee and get a year's worth of prescriptions free.

    The charge is for each different item, no matter how many of the same items there are. In the past I was prescribed an over-the-counter drug, but noticed that the shop were selling it for less than the prescription charge!

    I think that there might be an exception for incontinence products, the supply of which would be arranged by a continence nurse, and I think that they would be free... but I'm not entirely sure...

    Again, I'm not absolutely sure, but I think that private medical patients pay a different prescription fee at the dispensing chemist's (no idea who decides the charge, though... the individual chemist, maybe?), and of course they'd pay for any consultation or treatment. If they have insurance for the charges they can reclaim them or get the insurance company to settle the debt directly.

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    The UK rules for incontinence vary from one region to another. Where I live, you have to be diagnosed incontinent for 6 months before you can get products on prescription. I have a month to go, so I don't yet know what I can get or how many. I have a hunch that they'll put me on a catheter instead.

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    Wales in the UK has free prescriptions so everything is free.
    Downtide I think it is also up to the doctors judgment as I got them first time I whent to see him.

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    I think most doctors who would prescribe them would want to try medicine etc. first. I'm not sure about the UK but in the US insurance will help cover the costs, not usually the pharmacy (that I know of).

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    I am now incontinent most of the times. I always wet at night, but still , manage to use the toilet during the day as often as i can, although thinks gradually getting less often. I saw my continence nurse who agreed to supply me for free. They will not however do diapers, only pads. At first they offered mens pads for the day, and attends 8 pads for the night. Both leaked badly. After some discussion i now have attends 10 for nighttime use, and attends 8 for use during the day. They work well and i have had no leads so far. They came with net pants. These were not good, however i am now wearimg briefs for the first time since i was a kids, and these hold things in place well. The pads get delivered free every three months and i get one per night and two per day. I still buy normal diapers for use when travelling etc, but the free ones have made a big difference. At my next reveiw i will be asking to increase my daytime allowance. I believe i can have a maximum of four per day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angie View Post
    I think most doctors who would prescribe them would want to try medicine etc. first.
    I think so too. Diapers doesn't really fix your problem, but helps you deal with it. But for those who aren't fig fan of pills and surgery, it would be better if all countries had some sort of prescription for diapers. It can be quite expensive without.. And insurance isn't always first priority for students, economically speaking.

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