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Thread: Search 1980-1983 vintage catalogs with baby items (car seats especially)

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    Default Search 1980-1983 vintage catalogs with baby items (car seats especially)

    I'm looking everywhere on the net to find vintage catalog to find actual pictures of baby stuff especially car seats made between 1980 and 1983, I really want to figure out what brand was the one I had when I was young and my parents don't remember anything about that beside the fact that since I was extremely small at that time I remember I was 7 yrs old when I was finally able to get out of it and ride in a booster seat for a trip. The only clue I got about the one I had is that I'm quite sure the harness was held with metal clips and no plastic button to release them (I know, very helpful tip here) it was white plastic or some colors like that (cream) with vinyl cover inside that were mostly brown or with a plaid pattern (have a brother that is 2yrs younger so can't remember which seat had what but they were very similar if not same model beside the colors of the vinyl in them.

    I was hoping of finding sears vintage catalogs and came across a nice archive of their christmas ones, but they didn't have the baby furniture in theses editions sadly.

    If anyone can help me locate that, it would be really appreciated, I may get my hands on a picture of it one day (if my parents leave the house for awhile and I got the courage to locate the pictures of my past), but for now I don't have them with me.

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    I can help you. I dont know what happened to my last post?

    It probably wasnt very cool to be 7 and still riding in a car seat, but yeah it must have been cool!
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    It was because I was small (fact according to a small book my mom kept a record of my growing, I was under 52lbs until I turned 7) that I was still in my car seat, for me it wasn't a problem, I've always been in it and never had the chance to ride in a regular seat so it was perfectly normal for me.

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    i have old pictorial guide with pics and descriptions of older carseats, guess cody, you could pm your email ,and i can send u a copy.

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